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Sunday, February 23, 2014

I have a habit of losing small things. You could call me the Goddess of Lost Small Things. In the past month, I've lost my breadmaker recipe book which has resulted in all kinds of weird and largely inedible concoctions from the bread machine, my aunt's diamond ring (ouch) and, a week or so ago, my nearly brand new Fitbit One.

Argh. It cost £70, that Fitbit, and I've only had it for three weeks. Yesterday evening I did some serious hunting for it: no joy. This morning, ditto. I was thinking of going for a walk but the lack of Fitbit put me off the idea. I do like to have acknowledgement that I've taken exercise, you know. I thought it had got into the washing (it's usually attached to my bra strap) but I located all five bras and none of them was harbouring a Fitbit. So. I was in a Mood because I thought I must have lost it out in the street or something. The only bright spot was I found the missing recipe book while looking for the Fitbit.

Then, late this afternoon, I logged on to my laptop and checked my emails and there's an email from my Fitbit, telling me (and I paraphrase) 'I'm hungry! And lonely!'

What. What??? The missing Fitbit is in a parallel universe and talking to me? No. How far away can a Fitbit be if it's still talking to a laptop. Hunt through the Fitbit site and believe it or not, they've clearly been asked this one before cos there is a section on finding lost Fitbits.

How well they know me.

The range of the Fitbit is about 15-20 feet. Now, that's something to work with. My flat isn't cluttered because I don't do clutter, but a Fitbit is small. I start taking the sitting room apart, with help from the cat who wants someone to play with. After half an hour, I conclude that the Fitbit is not in the sitting room and move to the hall where I find a pile of filing of suitable dimensions to hide a Fitbit. No Fitbit but the diamond ring is at the bottom of the filing tray.

I am not making this up. My powers of invention wouldn't run to this.

Keep looking and move on to the bathroom. Check the laundry bin for the 10th time, check the pockets of my bathrobe and ah. Ahaha. Fitbit. In pocket. Fitbitinpocket. Yess!

Now I've only got to find the charger cable.

In fact I can guess where it is, it's in the vacuum cleaner bag and I either empty that out and go through it with rubber gloves on or pay £16.99 or a new one. The jury's still out on this.

The only downside really is I wasn't wearing the Fitbit for all the exercise I took finding it but you can't have everything, I suppose.

PS: I emptied the vacuum cleaner bag and the charger's not in there. I can't leave it permanently in my computer as I have a cordless mouse dongle in it and the dongle for the Fitbit. A dongle too far, clearly.
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