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Walking the Dog Day

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Walking the Dog Day

When : Always February 22nd

Walking the Dog Day is a special day that your dog looks forward to all year long. But, wait a minute.....

....Don't you walk your dog just about every day? Sure you do! And, weather permitting, its enjoyable for you and your dog.

On this day walking with your dog is a must. If you don't have a dog, perhaps you can join a friend while he or she walks their dog.

Did you Know? "Walking the Dog" is a yo-yo trick. So, if you have a Yo-Yo, you can celebrate the day by "walking the dog" with your yo-yo.

Origin of Walking the Dog Day:
Our research did not find the creator, or the origin of this day. Obviously, its a dog owner who try as he might, doesn't get to walk his dog as often as he'd like.

This Day in History February 22nd

Galileo's Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems is published. (1632)

St. Peter's Flood: A storm surge floods Germany coast, drowning 15.000 people. (1651)

By the Adams–Onís Treaty, Spain sells Florida to the United States for five million U.S. dollars. (1819)

Mexican–American War: The Battle of Buena Vista – 5,000 American troops defeat 15,000 Mexicans. (1847)

Washington University in St. Louis is founded as Eliot Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri. (1853)

The Pennsylvania State University is founded in State College, Pennsylvania(as the Farmers' High School of Pennsylvania) (1855)

The Republican Party opens its first national meeting in Pittsburgh. (1856)

Jefferson Davis is officially inaugurated for a six-year term as the President of the Confederate States of America in Richmond, Virginia. He was previously inaugurated as a provisional president on February 18, 1861. (1862)

The Prohibition Party holds its first national convention in Columbus, Ohio, nominating James Black as its presidential nominee. (1872)

In Utica, New York, Frank Woolworth opens the first of many of 5 and dime Woolworth stores. (1879)

United States President Grover Cleveland signs a bill admitting North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana and Washington as U.S. states. (1889)

Filipino forces led by General Antonio Luna launch counterattacks for the first time against the American forces during the Philippine–American War. The Filipinos fail to regain Manila from the Americans. (1899)

The sixteen battleships of the Great White Fleet, led by USS Connecticut, return to the United States after a voyage around the world. (1909)

U.S. President Calvin Coolidge becomes the first President to deliver a radio broadcast from the White House. (1924)

World War II: President Franklin D. Roosevelt orders General Douglas MacArthur out of the Philippines as the Japanese victory becomes inevitable. (1942)

World War II: Members of the White Rose resistance, Sophie Scholl, Hans Scholl, and Christoph Probst are executed in Nazi Germany. (1943)

World War II: American aircraft mistakenly bomb the Dutch towns of Nijmegen, Arnhem, Enschede and Deventer, resulting in 800 dead in Nijmegen alone. (1944)

Ngo Dinh Diem of South Vietnam survives a communist shooting assassination attempt in Ban Me Thuot. (1957)

Egypt and Syria join to form the United Arab Republic. (1958)

Lee Petty wins the first Daytona 500. (1959)

Samuel Byck tries and fails to assassinate U.S. President Richard Nixon. (1974)

Miracle on Ice: In Lake Placid, New York, the United States hockey team defeats the Soviet Union hockey team 4-3. (1980)

The notorious Broadway flop Moose Murders opens and closes on the same night at the Eugene O'Neill Theatre. (1983)

Aldrich Ames and his wife are charged by the United States Department of Justice with spying for the Soviet Union. (1994)

The Corona reconnaissance satellite program, in existence from 1959 to 1972, is declassified. (1995)

In Roslin, Scotland, scientists announce that an adult sheep named Dolly has been successfully cloned. (1997)

At least six men stage Britain's biggest robbery, stealing £53m (about $92.5 million or €78 million) from a Securitas depot in Tonbridge, Kent. (2006)
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