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Actually Mum, I like my big calves

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Something I never thought I would say! I have always had large, chunky calves, tree trunks as they have often been fondly referred to as. I have always hated them and had that reinforced by kind family remarks, (wouldn't you love to have legs like your brother's?) In fact in my first week at secondary school someone said to me, "It's strange, you're quite thin but your legs are really fat." These things really do stick.

But last time I was in England and saw my family, when my mother was lamenting how unfortunate I was to inherit this tree trunk gene, I actually managed to say it. 'Mum, I don't mind my big calves.' She was confused so I repeated again. 'I like my legs.'
The reason I now like them? I made them. Running changed them from me. True they are still bigger than I would like, but they are toned. I toned them. Hard work toned them. I know that they when I get on a treadmill my tree trunk calves will keep going. I may not always like the way they look or the fact I'll never get them into skinny jeans, but why do we always have to measure things by their aesthetic value, rather than their actually worth. So today, after my longest run ever, 16km, (that's 10 miles!) I thought my legs deserved a blog. So you here you are legs, this is for you.
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