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A Gentle Encouragement - Tales From 100# Down

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Hello Friend!

All of us have traveled along the freeway and seen the guardrail where the ground falls away, crosses water or runs near another roadway. It's to help slow if not stop the car from plummeting into a more dangerous situation when it veers from the main roadway. Let this blog be a "guardrail" on your journey to "Health & Fitness".

Did you start the new year with great enthusiasm and hope of making progress only to find yourself here in the waning days of February having made no progress? Maybe it's worse. Maybe you started the year with hope of losing and find yourself up 5, 10, or maybe 20 pounds.

Let me help you get back on the main highway. I know where you are. Years ago I lost about 80 pounds. Some event (maybe a vacation) came along and I gained 10 pounds back. I told myself that I would get it off because I had before. That soon became 15 and again I had the same attitude of I will get it off. I'll start tomorrow. Tomorrow came and I found myself back in the drive-through lane at McDonald's for a sausage biscuit and again I said "tomorrow". That was back in 2004. TEN YEARS AGO. I regained EVERY bit of that weight and THEN some. I ended up at 350 lbs plus. Why? Because I said tomorrow. Because I didn't embrace that I must get back on the road now.

Food was my comfort. It was my reward. It was my perk. It was my right. It was my CRUTCH. It was my OBSTACLE. It was a momentary pleasure for a whole "lotta hurt".

Friend... if this is where you find yourself. Take heart. You CAN get back on that roadway but stop putting it off until tomorrow. There is yet time today to eat healthy food, get exercise, drink water, make a grocery list for fruits, vegetables, lean protein etc. You can toss those cookies, chips and candies in the outside garbage can then dump kitty litter on them to keep from digging them back out (yes people DO that when food is their comfort).

Please don't do what I did. It took a toll on my health and I only had to work hard to get it all off again PLUS that extra.

So stop right now and look in the mirror. Tell yourself YES, I can do this. YES, I WILL do this. YES, I am going to start NOW!

Forgive yourself... then get busy!

See you on the journey!
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