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Finally: Down To New Weight Loss Low for 2014!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Beginning in January I've been on a zero-sugar, zero-grain approach and for the heckuvit I've been trying what some refer to as an intermittent fasting where I only eat from noon until 8-9 pm and leave myself food-free for around 16 hours. Keeping calories around 1400-1600 a day.

During the first few weeks BAM! I dropped 20 pounds. I was thrilled, but I knew it wouldn't last...but but but...I've been almost totally flat for Feb. following the same approach that dropped all those initial pounds. Definitely WAY frustrating! But heck...what are my options? I figure I've gotta stay the course on the zero-sugar, zero-grains...this is how I eliminate nearly ALL my trigger foods. Plus eliminating the food option from 9 pm to noon simplifies my life even more not having to contend with food during those hours...always so hectic getting out of the house first thing in the morning, I appreciate not having food get in the way, lol!

So the pounds have been zig-zagging around the 230's during February, but finally hitting 230 today felt like: all RIGHT! Being more stubborn than the pounds is gonna pay off after ALL! I'm still feeling pretty good about my unusual approach to food. I think this is going to work for the long haul with minor tweaks for maintenance. After seeing how flat my weight can be even with this low caloric range I can tell that shifting into maintenance is really going be such a minor change. There is no magic gold ring of bonus calories awaiting when I reach goal weight. Hunger and Patience will continue to be my Best Friends Forever! :-)

My experiments are truly my OWN and I don't mean to suggest this as "the solution" for ALL! We are all SO UNIQUE! We all are our own best experiments and have to tweak and learn from what works and what doesn't.

Monday I meet with my "electrician" and hope to find out more about the "re-wiring" projects he proposes to get my heart back on track. In the meantime I have resumed my nearly daily cardio regimen, albeit a smidgen of a notch down and with Spinning classes still knocking my socks off even after scaling back. This has left me with an "empty tank" and unable to pull off Swing Dance on top of my workouts over the past several weeks, which I miss.

I've updated my SparkPage to reflect current goals as I am now approaching my seventh year with our wonderful SparkFamily!

Keep the SPARK everyone!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Glad to hear your intermittent fasting experiment has paid off-not only in weight loss, but as an opportunity to "find some new friends" for the journey!
    1554 days ago
  • KANOE10
    7 years on Spark and reaching 230. You are doing it! Your fasting approach works for you. I am glad you are exercising and feeling good.

    I hope that electrician of yours is a good one and finds some way to help you!

    emoticon emoticon
    1555 days ago
    You've accomplished so much!; at this point, shaking things up seems a good idea... as long as you're in sync with things like DASH recommendations, just in case. A thought: haven't you been cutting down a bit on calorie-burning activities? Might be that as much as the food that slowed your rate of loss down...?

    SOME grains are a good idea, though; don't you think?? Might be you could think outside the box of temptation-grains. Yikes... that sounds like I recommend eating some really gross grain you don't even like, huh? Check this out: http://www.hsph.harvard.edu/nutriti
    Don, you are doing great. Glad you stay on top of all you do!
    1555 days ago
  • LKG9999
    I have also had great success losing weight by reducing carbs. I'm following a plan that is very similar to Ideal Protein, which eliminates all grains, simple-carb veggies like potatoes, and refined sugars. However it also initially drops the calories quite a bit, down to around 900 per day. May be just me but I wasn't making any weight-loss progress when I was consuming 1400-1600 calories/day, even with exercise. Currently I'm staying on the plan with the hopes that the reduced calories will prevent weight regain while I am so immobile.
    1556 days ago
    And the beat goes on!

    "And: all best for your meeting with the 'electrician'. I'm pretty sure he's gonna tell you, 'Don, I've heard about hearts of gold, but not sure I've every actually seen one before!!'"

    P.S. Did you begin here in 2006, then? Me too!
    1556 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/21/2014 7:38:39 AM
    What does your doctor think about the 'fasting'?
    1556 days ago
    Wow - what a great commitment you have made to Sparking! 7 years is amazing!

    Hoping the doctor has a good plan for you on Monday.
    1556 days ago
    Way to go!! I am on my 4 th day of no sugar challenge. emoticon emoticon
    1556 days ago
    emoticon Don! If "attitude is altitude," as they say, you're way up there in the stratosphere! We'll all be with you in spirit next Monday when you saunter off into the medical sunset to meet with the electrician (somehow, I want to call him "Dr. Zappa," but that may just because I've paid lots of visits to neurologists, and many of them, too, specialize in "wiring". Who knew I had such a "revolting" ol' body? :::groan:::)

    !! on those 20 pounds (wowzers!!) you lost!! I've heard that lengthy fasting period has good effects on one's health and blood tests - keep us posted. As someone who goes 28 out of every 30 days without grains or sugar, I can tell you that this allowed me to drop all my weight and right the Titanic of my formerly abysmal triglyceride/total cholesterol/crappy LDL numbers. I feel great - no weakness or blood-sugar vacillations.

    We're excitedly awaiting more news, and I have a suspicion it will ultimately be very positive, Don! All the best - Susan
    1556 days ago
    On the "flat" periods I think it simply is your body adjusting itself. I know my program does this. My weight goes down, my body fat % stays the same. My weight goes up, my body fat% goes down. Then the next day both are down. Go figure!

    Congratulations! Your program sounds perfect for you.

    Please let us know what goes on with the "electrician".
    1556 days ago
  • _LINDA
    emoticon emoticon
    You got to go with what works for you!
    Maybe you could rotate your workouts so you can include Swing Dance instead of doing the same thing all the time. Your body will appreciate the change up of routine!
    1556 days ago
    That's some milestones, 7 years a-Sparkin'! And congrats on coming to peaceful terms with your inner stubborn. Hope that electrician gets the wiring all figured out for you, as I know how much you love your activity.
    1556 days ago
  • L*I*T*A*
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1556 days ago
    I'm all for each of us finding what works -- and intermittent fasting (even with all the reverence accorded to breakfast) works for a whole lot of us.

    Congrats to you on finding 230. Congrats on 7 years here.

    And: all best for your meeting with the "electrician". I'm pretty sure he's gonna tell you, "Don, I've heard about hearts of gold, but not sure I've every actually seen one before!!"

    1556 days ago
    Congrats on 7 years and your continued successes!

    1556 days ago
    Here's to experimentation!
    1556 days ago
    Congrats Don!
    1557 days ago
    You have always been an huge inspiration to me, I enjoyed reading your blog today, keep up the good work.

    1557 days ago
    1557 days ago
    emoticon You're inspiring!
    1557 days ago
    Congrats on the wt loss. Even more congrats and cheers for finding out what works for you. That is always such a challenging piece to this whole puzzle. Take care :)
    1557 days ago
    How fabulous!
    1557 days ago
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