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Day 18 and 19 - The Plan

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Yesterday started off with the Hemp Protein Pudding and since I had run out of other fruit I added a banana to it:

So in a way my test ingredient was the banana.

At lunch I had this:

This was sauteed veg in tumeric etc on romaine ( baby) with hemp seeds.

Dinner was Indian Rub chicken with a side of Timbale. I did not take a pic because A by the time it was ready I was STARVING and B you have all seen the timbale before! ( see previous blogs)

This morning I was UP another 0.4lbs!

Yep, must have either been the fact that I was short on my water by one cup or it was the banana. Probably the banana! According to the book Banana's are 50 % reactive! I am very sensitive to sugar too.

I also have changed the brand of dandelion tea so that could contribute! Who knows, all I know is that today I am doing day 2 again to give myself a break!

DAY 19 on the Plan ( I forget which day I the book...)
This morning was the flax granola with pear and almond milk.

Lunch was this:

Whooo hoo! I added a little too much hot sauce to the soup! Wow! But it was good!

Then dinner will be the rice with veg and spicy coconut sauce! I love that meal! ( see previous blogs for pic of that one!)

I had my 1 oz of chocolate while watching the short program Olympics women's skate! Gabby is from OUR CITY, in fact she goes to the high school that is about 5 minutes away from where we live! Whoo hoo!

I have a busy evening tonight, I have music practice and have to put out the garbage in preparation for EARLY morning pick up! Last time it was garbage pick up I missed it because DD was on her way to a day trip and by the time I got back from taking her to school the truck had already been! Sigh! SO I CAN'T miss it tomorrow! They only collect every second week! LOL

I hope that tomorrow the scale will be kind and if not that I will not get frustrated and keep in mind that it is DATA!

Thank you for all those cheering me on, I need it today!

I have run out of Kale, blueberries, Broccoli! Sigh! Do not get more grocery money until tomorrow so am trying to make do. Hanging in there!


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