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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Gerry's Valentine Comes To Visit by Dolly Gryffindor


Dedicated to those who are willing to be loved, to be in a relationship.  I hope to have one in the near future. emoticon


Note:  Dr. Stephen Franklin, alien doctor, Babylon 5 science fiction played by Richard Biggs, is Gerry's friend.


Gerry, a visiting professor of various realms (art therapy) and Dolly's helper at Hogwarts, has been missing her friend, Dr. Stephen Franklin.  He's an alien doctor and xenobiologist.  

A favorite music tune gets Gerry's attention; that and seeing Dr. Stephen Franklin's smiling face and a video screen status at the bottom of the screen reading "Dr. Stephen Franklin calling - video conference" - On. emoticon






      (all quotes, photos, belong to the owners)


Stephen:   "Hey, girl, what's up?  How are you doing?"

Gerry, looking tired from not sleeping well for a few days, planning for upcoming classes and writing stories: "Oh, Stephen, I wish your were here.  I miss you.  I want to go away, I'm doing too much, never mind taking care of my sister who would not see a healer.  Her lung condition acts up, allergies, coughing, etc." emoticon

Stephen, touched and concerned: "That doesn't sound good. Why doesn't she go?"


Gerry, frustrated: "Ahh...a nurse...won't listen." emoticon

Stephen rolls his eyes: "Ah, yes, I had to deal with a cousin who was mighty stubborn.....was not proactive.  It's been crazy up here, too."

Gerry, smiling at the thought of her time as visiting assistant for various planetary missions on Babylon 5: "Are the Narns and Centari stubborn?" emoticon

Gerry, half laughing: "Some things haven't changed."

Stephen:  "Thank you for sending the videos of the winter gala..  I can see you a few hours.  Hogwarts is it?

Gerry grins at the welcome news:  "Yes, Hogwarts.  I'm looking forward to seeing you again." emoticon

Stephen then nods at her and turns off the video.


Gerry goes out running so excited that she doesn't leave a note for Dolly.
emoticon  One of the Gryffindors, Kris, noticing Gerry's excitement: "Oohh. You got a valentine, too?"

Gerry replied to Kris, "My date is coming soon."


Head Girl Jae Gryffindor, singing happily, bouncing up and down with a twinkle in her eyes:  "Oh yeahhh....I can tell...you got a dateeeeee..." emoticon

Gerry, doing an Irish jig, hands up in the air, "YEEHAW!  Can't wait!" emoticon

They laugh, nodding and hugging one another. emoticon


Gerry excitedly half runs and half skips down the hallways, her cape flapping: "By Anza!  He's coming! I can't wait!"   emoticon


Professor Nims and new Hufflepuff Head of House Doña Mary Lynne see a playful side of Gerry.  They look amused, grin to themselves, knowing love is in the air. emoticon


Gerry goes to the Great Hall, semi-pacing, looking for a friend who could pass on the news to Dolly. Chelsea Slytherin, standing near the fireplace with Tom Selleck, wonders what's going on and calls out, "Hey, Gerry! Why are you running??" emoticon


Stephen, semi- hidden by the fireplace near the wall, telepathically tells Chelsea, "Shh..Don't tell my girl I'm here.."  Chelsea responds the same way, "Ahh…ok.. I  will not tell her.. It will be our secret…" emoticon

Chelsea who is in front of Gerry, asks. "Gerry are you o.k.? Why are you out of breath?"

 Gerry looking at her and not noticing Stephen because there are other people around them, says,  "I-I- got a date…tell..dolly…I'll be away.."

Tom and Chelsea see Stephen approaching Gerry and blending in the crowd.    Approaching Gerry from the rear Stephen asks,"Are you that excited to see me?"


Stephen continues: "Why are you outta breath?"


Gerry jumps, leaning onto Chelsea, not expecting to hear his voice: half turns , surprised to see him, " Oh my…you scared me..! Stephen!  That was quick!" emoticon


They hug, laugh, and spin around. emoticon emoticon

Chelsea laughing loundly,"Ohh..Gerry….That was fun to see your reaction! Priceless! emoticon


Stephen: "Hello, Gerry.  Here I am.  Come on, let's go see the stars!" emoticon

Gerry happily replies, "Yeah, I know a spot at a tower."


Up at the tower, Stephen leans his tall body against the stone wall, and looks at Gerry. Due to the moonlight, they can see each other.

Gerry thinks, "Ohhh, he's so handsome when he smiles at me.  Why does life have to be so difficult sometimes?"


Looking a little sad, Gerry's head on Stephen's chest, they quietly hug.  Tears flow down Gerry's cheeks and voice breaking, Gerry asks, "Aw, why do I have to cry?  I hate that!  Enough already!" emoticon

Stephen:  "Hold on, girl.  You're unhappy.  What can I do, take some time off?  It's long overdue...time for the others to step up their game." emoticon


Gerry, who has been afraid to ask for what she needs as too many people in the past couldn't accommodate her needs or weren't willing to fulfill simple requests.  She speaks to him, "What?  You are willing!?! To do this for me??" emoticon


Stephen, smiling: "Not just you.  I need you, too.  I have been lonely for too long...I'm ready for a change in the near future.  Do you know a special place in the castle for the two of us for tonight?". emoticon


Gerry: "Yes, there is a room by the Sea of Tranquility. Mary Ravenclaw's window sometimes has a pathway to other realms."


They go to Mary Ravenclaw's room which has a library, some romantic music playing, a view of a beach at night with purple, blue, and green dolphins and friendly dragons. emoticon
 They jump into the Sea of Tranquility..  Wearing light, loose beach clothes, they run through the white sand to the water and swim.  


Stephen swims a bit until he telepathically hears, "Go to Gerry, carry her."  He goes to her and carries her out of the water before she tires.  He goes to the sand and a towel appears in the air.  He gently wraps it around Gerry.  Holding her close, he inquires, "Better?"  Gerry quietly holds him, feels somewhat tired, and a soft, cozy chair appears.  Stephen sits on it, "Ahhhh.  This feels good."

 Gerry feels good cuddling up with him, enjoying the beautiful view of the stars, moonlight and Stephen's handsome face. She kisses him. emoticon


Stephen kisses her and enjoys the warms cozy feeling of being with someone.  Gerry smiles looking at his fit body, quietly enjoying the rare peaceful moment.


The food magically appears and they have a light supper.  They are too distracted to eat, they just enjoy the sight of each other.


Stephen: "Ahh...what a magical place..the .Sea of Tranquility."  Looking at the stars they fall asleep.


They wake up at Mary Ravenclaw's, in a fluffy bed....so soft and warm under the covers, romantic music playing, and Stephen hugs Gerry.  She has warm, beautiful skin, a youthful face, and a joyful Irish voice when she sings.  Gerry, half stretching and close to Stephen asks, "Do you want to take a break and start a new life together?" emoticon


Stephen:  "What about Dolly?  Will she be o.k.?"

Gerry:  "Oh, yeah. She will miss me and will be fine.  I think she's ready for a change, too, and she wants me to be happy.  As G'kar, one of the wise aliens I know, says,  ‘The universe will provide what she needs.' emoticon


Stephen, laughing: "Oh, that G'kar.....He's right."  Stephen hears a beep, groans, the trip ends too soon.


Gerry pleads, "Aw, do you have to answer that?"  Gerry has a disappointed expression as she receives a telepathic message from her healer from another realm, "Not long, have fun."


Later on, Stephen quietly leaves and has written a note for  Gerry,  "See ya later my girl. We will discuss our plans later. Love Stephen" with a heart signature. emoticon emoticon



Gerry wakes up, sees a note on his pillow, reads Stephen's sweet note smiles to herself. She writes an online letter to Stephen about a nice dream she had.


She can imagine the amused expression on his face as he reads the letter at  the end of a long day at the space station, "I enjoyed spending time with you. To express my joy, I leave you with a line from a singer, "Come and be mine...Follow the rainbow and the stars...vision of heaven

you're living there with me.." Dreamland Express John Denver   emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon


From your Irish Lass, Gerry ♡♡


I hope you all enjoyed this story and please let me know you think, and I plan to make this a series for what gerry is learning in her life ... emoticon

with LOVE from my heart to yours..... emoticon dolly
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