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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Clearly I am a night person. When left to my own devices (like for example, when my tooth is so infected that it keeps me out of work for 3 days), my sleep schedule goes all to hell. Right now it is 2:19am. Though to be entirely fair, when I'm sick, ALL I WANT TO DO IS SLEEP. And I generally do. All *DAY* long. I have melatonin strips to help me sleep at night (if I need/want the extra help), but tonight I'm winging it.

I promise that isn't what I set out to write about.

I was going to write about food. What I eat, what I don't eat, and why.

First of all, my dad is a chef. That means that growing up, while he didn't often cook at home, I was exposed to all kinds of food. There really isn't anything I won't eat. There are things I'm not fond of, but as far as things I'll actually refuse... I'm hard pressed to think of any.

I generally try to stick to a 75% paleo diet. Just because that's what makes me feel at my best. My biggest obstacles with going all paleo are dairy (cheese and butter mostly), and occasionally bread/grains. I'm okay with 75% though. It's what feels right for me. I naturally lean that way to begin with, I think.

Something that I'm really trying to stick to is eating real food. Processed crap isn't good for anyone. Unfortunately it's so abundant anymore that it can be hard (especially when you're broke), but I'm avoiding it where I can afford to.

I don't like DIET foods. Anything with Lite/Light, diet, fat-free, reduced fat, etc? Not on my shopping list. If I want "lite" sour cream, I will use less sour cream. Not some chemically screwed with excuse for sour cream.

Soda seems to be a big vice for people. While I do enjoy a pop every now and again, luckily it isn't something I'm addicted to. I never buy it to keep around the house. It just seems like a waste of money. I am so, SO glad that isn't an issue for me.

A big obstacle for me is how often I go out to eat (on someone else's dime, usually). Eating at restaurants can be tough when you're trying to be healthy. I'm trying to stay away from fries and gravitate towards salads. Chicken over beef, tea over soda (though like I said, that usually isn't an issue).

Desserts... are kind of like soda. I don't really keep them in the house. Sometimes my sweet tooth gets the better of me and I go out and get ice cream, but it doesn't happen regularly. More often than not, I am buying some sort of fancy cheese rather than a fancy dessert.

What about you guys? Do you have any struggles or quirks with your eating habits?
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    Great post!

    I definitely have some quirks. My only real struggle is an attachment to sugar; but I don't really overeat on other things. At restaurants, where I don't control the amount on my plate, I tend to keep grazing even after I'm full... It's social behavior, I think. Next time I might try putting half into a takeout box before I dig in.

    I'm another non-fan of "diet" items! And I have issues with red meat and non-organic dairy... because I can smell the animals they came from. It's worse when it warms up -- when I throw a steak into a pan, all I smell is barnyard! So, I buy organic milk, and use chicken and fish as often as my s/o will let me.

    My dad is definitely a foodie; his favorite stories are about the time he spent in France with their lovely cuisine. But he rarely cooked. So I heard about "Amazing Food" a lot, but mostly ate my mom's simple good meals. Now I'm content with a limited, quality menu, although I love experimenting and improvising in the kitchen.

    Keep writing! This is good stuff :)

    .....and that sleep thing? I SO know what you mean. LOL
    1556 days ago
    I have moved to sashimi over sushi to cut out rice, brown and white.
    1557 days ago
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