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Things to be grateful for

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I'm working on a mini challenge that seems to be really relevant to me right now. I thought that I had the attitude that positive thinking equals positive results however, I'm not really living that philosophy. The challenge this week is to find ways to relieve stress and I have picked cuddling with my cats (very easy, as one is in my lap as soon as I sit down), meditation and/or tai chi (also easy, I do this before bed) and to keep a gratitude journal (new to me).

The gratitude journal is to include at least 3 things that we were grateful for that day. It could be something as small as a smile from a stranger or something much larger. I'd like to share my gratitude and positives because keeping them to myself seems counter-productive. Perhaps they will help others to see things in a more positive way, after all, when you look for positive things, you find them in the most unexpected places.

So, for yesterday (Mon), I'm grateful that the train was 40 minutes late. It allowed me to actually get home sooner than waiting for the next train. I'm grateful that the snow that was predicted to be 3-5 inches ended up being just a dusting. For those of you with a lot of snow this winter, you understand this one. And, I'm grateful for and to the people who hold doors for those behind them. It's nice to see a few others who have manners.

For today (Tues), I'm grateful for bus drivers who get you safely to your destination. I'm grateful for the music that I'm listening to, it's very calming. I'm also very grateful for my brother. He barely paused when I asked him to take me to the laundromat when he thought he could finally sit down to rest.

Sometimes it really is the small things.
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