Good news

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The CT scan I had last week confirmed the lung nodule was a granuloma, since it had not grown since the previous scan. Also, my cardiologist called me today. He said the ectasia is mild so he is not concerned. He will check it again in the future.

Also, we finally got our Wifi restored today. We had strong winds come through on Saturday which took down the neutral line of the electric line. When it happened we lost power to half of the house while the other half received a strong surge of power. Then the electric company had to turn off the power to replace the neutral line.

They restored the power that evening, but because of the surge our internet cable line outside melted all the way to the house so we could not access the Wifi. They came out today and replaced the line. Also, the power surge damaged our washing machine, dryer, Xbox 360, and my son's alarm clock. Luckily the washer and dryer were under warranty and the repairmen have been out to fix them. After the internet repairman showed me the burned wire, he said he was just glad our house did not catch fire. Yes, i am very glad of that!

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