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Preparing for my husband to start dialysis is Scary

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

It is a little scary about what is to come. Seems like the more I read the more real and scary it gets. Yesterday my husband visited the dialysis center that is located here. It is a Di Vita Center. and brought home some literature. There will be meeting at the dialysis center on February 28th that the nurse who is in charge of the in home dialysis is having. Then March 6th the day after meeting with surgeon that will begin the fistula in his arm we will be seeing a 45 minute video about the different types of dialysis. His kidney doctor says that peritoneal dialysis would be great for him if it could be done here. He will probably get prepared for both types of home dialysis. with the center also.

When we first learned of his kidney failure 10 years ago and that someday he would probably be on dialysis it would have been 75-80 miles to the nearest center. Zack's kidney failure is due to a blockage of his urine flow by an enlarged prostate his doctor never checked out any thing but his prostate. I discovered a problem with his urinary tract by accident when I used his a a test person when the Radiology department where I worked got a new ultrasound machine and I was the one doing weekend and call Ultrasound coverage.

Zack has never been on a special diet. He was just to eat healthy, continue with his exercising regularly, keep his weight and blood pressure down, not become a diabetic like his mother and all his aunts..

Due to an injury to his ankle and his back getting reeally bad and developing atrial fib he got out of his regular exercise he gained weight. He has lost 60 pounds in the last year and when he had two emergency surgeries last year he did get down to his goal weight but he has gained back 10 pounds he wants to loose. I want to another 35 pounds that I gained while on steroids for 3 years after I developed a rare disease. I have lost 15 pounds but could kick myself because I had lost another 5 ponds last October-November when he was so sick from his surgeries.

I did register him on Di Vita's website for information. I think the diet and nutrition part is sort of scary and the part I will have to learn as his care partner. We already know that when he actually;y starts dialysis that one of his cardiac medicines will have to be changed probably unless there has been research on it's use with dialysis patients, because when he started it there hadn't been.

Also there is a very expensive medicine that he now has to take for his Ulcerative Colitis that medicare part D (insurance has now denied any part of payment and it is $1438 for 3 months. We thought the $660 our part was high last year. The kidney doctor thinks he needs this one instead of the one he was staking that insurance paid in full. We wonder about the need for the expensive one when he starts dialysis.

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