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The Tuesday that feels like a Monday - Day 18 of

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Here we are, day 18 of the Plan.

Let me recap from the last time I blogged.

So as you know from the last blog our Valentine’s dinner was cancelled due to my son being sick with strep throat. So Saturday was day 15 and I did day 13 of “the Plan”.
I was at 166.8 lbs
I had Pumpkin Chia pudding for breakfast with Almond slivers and coconut milk

Lunch was leftover Timbale with romaine and carrots.

I had 1 oz potato chips ( low sodium) for snack
Dinner was Chicken and veg on salad leaves.

Since the day was all over the place with me having to wait at the walk in for 2 hours, which put me behind in my water, so I had to catch up and I had a GIANT Caramel Latte ( Lactose free) to get me through the day! I was busy in the afternoon ( had to work) and my poor boy was pretty miserable! DH did a good job of looking after him while I worked! He is a great dad, I have to say!

Sunday morning I was still at 166.8 lbs.
Sunday ( Feb 16th) I finished off the last of the pumpkin Chia pudding for breakfast.

Lunch was Carrot soup and chopped salad with pear and almonds.

This is the chopped salad.

Dinner was Indian Spice Chicken. DELICIOUS! I think I messed up by adding goat’s feta to the veggies at dinner. It is a little high in sodium.

Yes I know, I am getting a little tired of chicken so I thought I would chance the Indian spice rub.

Monday morning saw a gain of 0.2 lbs up to 167.0 pounds.

For breakfast I had the Hemp Power pudding: DELICIOUS and so easy to make!

Monday was Family day and it was relaxing! We watched the Canadian Ice dancers give an outstanding performance! (They got silver) WOW! The Americans won gold, but I think they were both excellent!

The intention was to stay home and relax, but in the afternoon my dd asked if we could go out for our dinner that we missed on Valentine’s day, so since it WAS Family day after all, we all went together out for dinner! I thought I would be up a pound this morning for sure, but I was shocked to see I was only up 0.2 to 167.2 pounds! Wow!

I had a spinach salad with goats cheese and 2 lamb chops on the side. We had an early dinner so that may have helped and the salad dressing was on the side! I ate the cooked veggies on DH’s plate (since he actually ordered the lamb and I was sharing with him.)

As “The Plan” recommends I had a glass of red wine with dinner, but really it was only to help counteract the sodium. I really don’t care for wine much at all.

Now this is the thing: Later on we watched “Despicable Me” with the kids and since they had already had their dessert at the restaurant, DH and I had our Valentine’s treats that we had been keeping for just the right time. They were chocolate covered “Magnum” Ice cream bars! O my word! So delicious! I thought for sure I would be up!

I think what might of helped is that I was slow in drinking my water in the morning so had to catch up in the afternoon and evening and so had 2 cups of tea after a suitable amount of time after dinner and 2 cups of water! Lyn-Genet suggests you add on water for each glass of wine, so I had to have an extra glass of water ON TOP of all that!~ So no wonder there were no sodium effects! LOL.

So now it is Tuesday morning and my weight is sitting at 167.2 and I really want to have a day that is friendly and lose that 0.4 gained over the weekend, BUT I was supposed to go out for breakfast with a friend. Now other meals you can navigate around, you can have salad or soup, but what on earth do you have when you are out and are having BREAKFAST? I was a little worried about it! Anyway turns out that it snowed overnight and it is till coming down and the roads are a mess so we have postponed! Phew!~ Maybe by the time we meet next week I will have tested something that I can eat for breakfast while out.

Today however it is day 18 and I had the rest of the Hemp Power pudding for breakfast but I had no berries etc so I had it with a banana. So I guess Banana's are my "test" today!

Since yesterday was a holiday, it feels like MONDAY today, but it's actually Tuesday! Whoo ho!
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