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A Plateau and Some Perspective

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I must admit that I was frustrated this morning. Today is my official, weekly weigh in, and when I hopped on the scale I saw that it had not moved again. Six weeks ago I dropped three pounds in one week, but since then I have dropped only two pounds. Two pounds, five weeks, working hard, eating well...this is frustrating and potentially depressing.

However, over the years, I've learned a very important lesson: I must look to multiple measures and take my joy from the pursuit of health rather than just the number on the scale. And so as soon as I logged my numbers this morning, I set my mind on other things that are very encouraging to me right now. For example...

1. Things are going very well in the gym and on the bike trainer: I'm ahead of my goals, feeling great, and loving exercise.

2. I am enjoying food, and eating lots of good things. I've been experimenting with some new recipes and I found a couple of jewels that have significantly increased my joy in preparing, eating, and sharing meals.

3. My mood and energy levels are up.

4. I'm sleeping well: easily falling asleep and waking up full of energy and joy.

5. My blood pressure is in a perfect place, and my resting heart rate is in the mid-40s--not bad for a 47 year old!

6. I have set challenging but reachable goals for this year, and despite my current level of weight I still have a strong sense that I can, and will, reach these goals.

7. Most importantly, Jesus loves me and he is for me, and he has given me passion to know, seek, and serve him. And as if this isn't enough, he's given me an amazing wife, an awesome daughter, a home, clothes, food, cars, money, and all the things I need to live for the glory of his name, the good of others, and the joy of my own soul.

So I'm on a plateau, there's no two ways about it. But life is more than weight, and joy has greater sources than the number on the scale. So today I will put my face forward and make progress toward reaching my goals, knowing that eventually the scale will begin to move again and that, when it does, it will only be one of many measures of success and sources of joy in my life.
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