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Monday, February 17, 2014

Day 50 and I am going strong, have lost over 13 pds this yr so far, feeling so successful, grateful and blessed.

Today I won my league match, it was tough but doable, kind of like my spark path, tough but doable. I always say if it were easy than I wouldn't be here everyday doing it! This is a battle to be my best everyday and today I am on top of it all. I thank god everyday for the ability to keep on track, keep motivated, keep sparking along. Despite all the interuptions life has to offer.

Someone said yesterday "wouldn't it be great if we just all lived on Spark street where everything was easy, we all worked out together and met eachother on the street w/fruit and smiles. No issues, no sabatours, no drama, no foods that called our names? But luckily we don't instead we live in the world of change, of adversity, of love and good times too! Life is good, we just need to keep our mind and body sparking in the midst of it.

Today get out there and do it! YOu can do it! You can be your best! You can use your sparkling attitude to achieve any goals you choose! I know I am! Today I am achieving all my goals and have been for the last 50 days because they are doable. Not to hard, not to easy. Here they all are in a nutshell!

*Dailys: vitamins, breckfast, exercise 30+ min a day, spark, and only F&V's after 8pm. ( I do these no matter what!)

Commitments: Only one serv of any snack food, walk everyday, Post on a blog daily, write a blog once a wk, 1 each-F&V a day, 50 crunches everynightm, and my newest one drink 3 bottles of water a day! (I have added one each wk since the first of the yr) all doable! (if i forget one, I do it twice the next day)

These are what's working for me! Find out what works for you and do it! I am here cheering you on!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon go sparklers!
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