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A to Z , What it Means to ME.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Ever so often the A to Z blogs are posted .. I always like to read them,for it gives me more insight to the member.
After reading Tina's a few days ago I though I'd see just what the letters meant to me.
Here Goes:

A, Apples (have to be cold, crisp, sweet, juicy)

B. Beaches. ( Hot, sunny or cool, windy, both have charm.)

C. Clothes. (No brainier, I am a clothes horse.)

D. Dogs. ( Have had a dog or multi dogs most of my life.)

E. Exercise. (Maybe wasn't always as important as it is now.)

F. Food. ( Have a Love- Hate relationship with food.)

G. Grapes. ( Prefer Black, red second choice. Snack on them daily.)

H. High Heels. Love Red, but have all colors , never want to give up)

I. Italy. Love the country, people, foods, ancestral country.)

J. Jewelry. (Real or Faux, love the Bling.)

K. Knit. ( Yes, I knit, scarves,hats, sweaters.,NO socks.)

L. Leticia. ( That's my first name.)

M. Movies ( Mystery, suspense, action,some comedy.)

N. No. ( Having to learn to say NO).

O. Overachiever. ( I like to do well. Like to win. )

P. Pilates. ( I do 15 to 30 minutes of Pilates every day. Sometimes add Yoga.).

Q. Quietness . ( Have to have some quite time daily, usually I meditate.)

R. Read. ( I am a prolific reader. Prefer books to e-readers.)

S. Spark. ( I credit Spark with being a lifeline to my weight loss success..)

T. Time. ( Managing my time and accepting there is only so much.)

U. Ugg's. ( My favorite warm, lined boots.)

V. Volunteer. ( I volunteer my time for causes I believe in.)

W. Walking. ( So grateful to have my knees replaced so I can continue walking.)

X. X-Factor. ( A Talent TV Show, first seen in England).

Y. Yorkshire Dogs. ( I have a Yorkie, Titan, love of my life.)

Z. Zumba. ( It was a happy day when i was able to be in a Zumba class.)

There, that's the alphabet, A to Z.
There are some letters that could have had more than one answer,but the ones
I listed mean the most to me. .

I posted a blog last week about my love of Bling. I want to Thank all the Friends and Members who commented. I am going to try and get back to all of you.

I'm going to spend some of that precious time I value to color my hair and finish my daily workouts.
Looks like the sun is trying to break through the clouds. That means Titan and i can get out for our walk.

Have a great week. Be strong, stay positive.
Peace and Love .
Tisha emoticon emoticon emoticon
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