It begins with a Positive Attitude

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Ever want something so much for someone else that you would do "anything" to see them in a better place in there lives?

My journey here began a few years ago and I was making progress, then health issues and nearly losing my hubby from a heart attack devastated me. I was lost in emotion, totally lost, and though he survived quite well and I am so thankful to God above I could not get going again. To focus on my desires seemed too selfish to me. So I maintained, gained a little, lost a little, then became ill myself for nearly a year. Ups and downs that still kept me frozen in time and unable to begin again.

This past January my hubby was so depressed about his blood sugar levels. He wasn't feeling well and was so frustrated. I think much of it was partly due to his need now for home health aides and visiting nurses, and wondering was this what he wanted, really needed, and wondering how it would go. To his surprise and me encouraging him to keep a positive attitude I began to notice that my attitude was becoming more positive as well.

Once settled in with the same aide and nurse every week we both began looking forward to there assistance. The nurse gave us tips and ways to get our blood sugars at a better place, but it wasn't going to work with medication alone. So he and I committed to this journey.

Not thinking of it as a diet, but a way of life. We quit with the sugar, only using splenda, drinking caffeine free drinks and diet sodas, counting carbs, and eating sensible and being accountable, and encouraging one another. its become a team effort.

We get excited when our numbers are "Right ON", when we've had a really good and satisfying day. We like trying new foods and that leads me to believe it begins with a Positive Attitude.

It will be a month tomorrow since we began as a team. To date I have lost 12 pounds and Bill has lost 10 but more importantly he has lowered his blood sugar from high 3-400's down into the 100's in just one month. He is going to see an endocrinologist end of this month and perhaps begin a new regimen of insulin and we are both planning to attend Diabetic Classes in the Springtime together for added assistance, but we are on our way.

I am happy with the progress we are making. Its a lifestyle now, and the journey couldn't be more fun or rewarding.

I encourage those needing to make a change, try a buddy or family member and form a team and believe me it is "double the fun" and your attitude will soar, and you too will see success in a very short time frame, and it is that success that keeps you motivated and keeps you going strong.
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