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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Food: Had a shake for breakfast, sorta had a salad for lunch, much of it was frozen - looks like the toddler messed with the setting in the fridge again. Dinner will be something fantastic - not exactly sure what, but I'll get it worked out before midnight. LOL. Time to hydrate. More water = more better.

Exercise: Not really wanting to feel it - but eh - I REALLY didn't feel like it yesterday, so I should today and SINCE it's on my schedule I need to do it. LOL> Every little bit helps, eh? I won't do a ton but I'll get moving - 10 minute cardio & some strength stuff since I didn't do it yesterday.

TMI after this point so you can skip to the next one, if you wish... Right-o: I should be working out because I have the WORST crazy cramps right now - and exercise helps, but getting the motivation to do so when I'm like "GAH! I FEEL LIKE I'M 900 POUNDS, LOOK AT MY SWOLLEN ANKLES!" Cramps = my crazy cycle = UTI = blerg, growl, time to start some cranberry pills. Last month was so terrible - I clotted like crazy and just wanted to eat jerky and peanut butter M&Ms the ENTIRE TIME. But this time I shall work out - drink water - read books and do life - because that's what ya have to do, right?

Life: I had to ask for suggestions of "hit you in the face with hope" kind of music because I was at a complete LOSS today. LOL. When I can't figure out a song - you know it's *something* - it's like hard. More complaining and negativity on the Faceborks - not interested in playing there. Too much drama - guess I'll stay over here on SparkPeople. The toddler is still not feeling well, getting into everything and generally being unpleasant. He's full of snot and vinegar today - LOL.

Random thoughts that started MY morning: Some days you wake up, have awesome life changing conversation. Some days you wake up, have tea, spending the morning in deep contemplation. Some days you wake up and get questions like "What is the shelf life of a sexy toy?" and have to go find out.... or at least I do.

Profound revelation of last night: I don't believe in FML. Honestly, my life has been really cool. I believe in FTS - F#$&^%T This Situation.

Health: Got one test result back today, by letter that was read to me over the phone by my MIL. It's about what we expected. Waiting on the really important one - which I figure I'll get the results on Friday (so, I shant fret until then - what a cluster cuss that is going to be having the toddler with me, but eh). Not feeling the best - but absolutely not feeling the worst. I'll make it. LOL.

1. Roses. I really do love getting flowers. I have amazing people that remember that. They are currently in the fridge because the toddler... well, see #2.
2. The toddler is feeling well enough to be a jerk today.
3. The IRS Tax Refund Status Results website that lets me know when things are schedule to show up in the bank.
4. Being able to unplug for a while - take a break from drama - read a book. Ordering cool new books on amazingly new and smexy topics.
5. Cool, neat and brilliant packages that can be ordered from across the world and sent to your mailbox.
6. Test results should be in and my follow-up is in a week. You'll just have to put up with this one for a little bit longer.
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    OH, and when you said "cluster cuss", it reminded me of a funny story. A friend of mine was learning American Sign Language to communicate with a patient where she worked at a nursing home.

    Somehow instead of singing "Cluster #%$&" she signed "Hamburger #%$&". Or, the patient was crazy, or messing with her, not sure which. ANYWAY, we use the phrase "Hamburger $%#&" all the time now.
    1526 days ago
    I would love to hear more about these packages you mentioned above.

    Not sure what's going on with your health...tried to find more info in another blog but my addled brain was unable to find anything. Hope your results come back without anything horrible.

    When I was waiting to find out what's wrong with me (there are a billion jokes to be made) it was a farking nightmare and I still don't really know. They decided to go with ME/CFS and call it a day.

    Keep rocking your sense of humor, sarcasm, intelligence, etc. You're a cool chickadee and I'm glad our paths crossed here on the old Sparkadoodledoo.

    1526 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    Sending you 1/2 dozen roses. emoticon
    1527 days ago
  • PJ2222
    emoticon emoticon
    1527 days ago
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