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Early rise opens the eyes! ( I just made that up)

Saturday, February 15, 2014

DD and I rose in the dark, washed and quickly dressed to start our busy day. First stop:deliver some food to a co-worker who had surgery a couple days ago. Went to grand opening of Family dollar store near my home, got free gift card upon entering, another five dollars off my purchases. I rarely enter these places,, maybe once in three years.. just not bargains there,, I stocked up on my birthday and sympathy cards.. few items for staples,,
back on the road, we made our hair appointments got pretty, then back home.

DD did some walking while she waited for my hair to be done.

I am doing some laundry, hauled bags of stuff to basement, had lunch. Dear friend stopped over to give me some chex party mix she made before Christmas and had it with a little dish, made up for me. Chit-chatted with her,,

Watched a little tv through my eyelids until DD kicked me awake..

Do not ask what was in what I ate, BUT I was nightmaring that I was Princess Diana at a meeting with the Royal fam,, arnold Shwartzenager was there .. he got jealous that I was getting married in a week and dominated the news, so was chasing me out the door,,

I saw an EMPTY HEARSE and jumped in the back.. Begged driver to take me anywhere..

Since it was MY nightmare, I asked the guy, "(as I was gasping for air and panting from running away from Arnie) Do you know who I am?"
Apparently I thought I was still ME inside, forgot that I looked like HER for cripes sake!! I must have sprinted for about four miles to get to that darned hearse!! emoticon emoticon

The driver looked at me in shock and replied in a New York Cabbie accent, "Are ya kiddin' lady? Yer kisser gets more air time than the Goodyear blimp!!"
Then DD kicked my chair and woke me up!!

With a show of hands, let me know if I should get Spark credit for that four miles.. My heart was sure pumping when I woke up!!!!!!!! emoticon emoticon
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