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Who takes care of you?

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Seriously. Who does? Who ultimately does?

You....that's who.

Your kids (if you have) - rely on you.

Your significant other (if you have one) - supports you in that effort (at least that is what they SHOULD do, right?)

So it really, ultimately, falls onto YOU.

Yeah....deep stuff, huh?

And that is where we get overwhelmed with... well... everything! Geez, when we think about it that way, let's just crawl back into bed and hide!

But let's break this down to the simplest form...into baby steps, if you will.

1) Intake - what we bring into our bodies is important! Water, whole grains, veggies, suffient protein, vitamins, minerals --- all play an important part on how our bodies work at their peak. So if things are lacking there....we have the power to change that one step at a time.

2) Output - Move much? Probably not enough really, especially in the winter months. This part is easier said than done, but any movement is better than none...something to build up over baby steps. 10 minutes a day. Go for it. Spring is coming - think about a daily walk - yay! Heck....turn the radio up and dance! It will bring a smile to your face...guaranteed!

3) Self-care - Get out of bed, make the bed (it will make a difference if you don't - mini-psychology at work going on here - if you don't think it makes a difference in your day, try it out) - shower it up and put effort into that process: nice smelling shampoo & conditioner, scrub the dead skin off (stimulates the skin and underlying lymphatic system btw - all good things to get moving)... buy new good smelling deodorant, experiment with the hair (& makeup for the ladies). You can go even further with mani/pedi, spa day stuff, but this is really just for the day to day right now. When looking in the mirror...look at your eyes and say how pretty they are out loud! Because they are. emoticon

4) Learn how to breathe. Stress stinks - comes from out of the blue at times too. Overwhelm of day to day, not having a good day (the morning was not as calm as it was and sent you into a tizzy - been there, done that). We have to learn to breathe more. Turn off the phone...the web will still be there in 10 minutes when you are done breathing. Turn off the world (ie phone) when you are driving and breathe while listening to your favorite tunes or while sitting in traffic.

The four things above are a day to day things that I think about and actually do, every... It took time to get there, but eventually, it became a routine.

Things that are just as important are family - friends - relationships; spirit; career - but the day to day tackling of the above four are where and how it should start....with you.

You ultimately take care of you.

Honor it.

Treasure it.

You are one hell of a beautiful thing to behold.
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