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Happy Valentine's Day From Maxine

Friday, February 14, 2014

V- "Valentine, Schmalentine What's the big deal?!"

A - "Arouse your senses today; dabble in some chocolate."

L - "Love is in the air - so that's what that funny smell is!"

E - "My favorite Valentine's Day term of endearment is 'Get Lost'!"

N - "Nothing like a full moon on Valentine's Day. It's even worth risking a frostbitten butt."

T -"Those one shoulder tops and dresses are great if you're too lazy to shave both armpits."

I - "I'd like to be treated like a queen on Valentine's Day - just not Marie Antoinette."

N - "Never go to bed angry. Stay up and plot your revenge!"

E -"Ever feel like you've had too much chocolate? Me neither."

S- "Sometimes wouldn't you like to just put the whole day in your toilet......and then flush?!"

D - "Looking for a hot date? Pick any date in August…They don’t get much hotter than that!"

A - "A single red rose says, 'I love you' ….A window box of headless carnations says 'Keep your dog in your own yard'!"

Y -"You are welcome to kiss the cook. Guess where?"

Happy Valentine's Day!
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