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Thursday, February 13, 2014

We awoke to a foot of new snow. And a blasting headache! Usually water takes care of that, but not this morning. I drew the blinds and crawled back into bed. I mean really. I wasn't going anywhere until the county plowed again anyway.

I finally crawled out again about three hours later, still bleary eyed but with way less head pain, grabbed copious amounts of water and coffee, and ate something that was like a breakfast. I needed the energy to venture out to the ice planet Hoth and find the cars.

Seriously it was only about a foot. But it needed to be shoveled away. And I actually enjoy doing it.

First I dressed too warmly. That lasted about 10 minutes. Then I was back at it dressed for much warmer weather. And that of course is the key. That and small shovels full (or is it small shovelfuls). And get into a rhythm. Dress not too warmly, small shovelfuls, and a good rhythm. And breathing. Right. Don't dress too warmly, don't try to pick up too much, get a good rhythm, and breathe properly. And ... (I have been watching way too much Monty Python today but what else does one do on a snowy day? Sit around with the wife watch romantic comedies? Kill me now.)

By the time I got out there the snow had turned to a light drizzle and the stuff on the ground was actually melting and compacting. What had been 12 inches fluffy was now about 8 heavy. So it was getting denser. Those small shovels were important.

After about two hours that included moving the county's heavy wet snowplow residue, I felt a sharp pain in my left shoulder. I stopped immediately.

Assessment time.

Was it radiating to my jaw? No.
Was it down my arm? No. It was on the top back of my shoulder and a little in my neck toward the back.
So far, no heart attack symptoms.
Breathing? Seemed be normal for vigorous exercise.
Heart rate? Elevated but come on, I was working pretty hard.
Chest Pain? No.
Nausea? No, in fact I was kind of hungry.
Sweating? Well not anymore now that I had stopped to do this all important assessment.

February is American Heart Month. I watched the videos. I am paying attention.

Diagnosis: OUCH! I hurt my shoulder!
Treatment: Patrick, Michael, get your butts down here and finish clearing the cars, the driveway, the back porch. Two Aleeve. Heating pad. Lie down with some Monty Python and A Fish Called Wanda.

I sure hope it feels better tomorrow. Because right now i can barely reach up.

And for all that shoveling, After the boys were done, It started to snow again. Only 1 - 3 inches they said. That was about six inches ago. I have a feeling we get to do this shoveling all over again.

Or the boys get to do it. I will be resting my injury.
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