Rough Day

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Today was a hard day. My mom is in the hospital because of complications with her meds and a few falls recently. She's a mess and I've been so worried about her.

I'm exhausted because I didn't sleep at all last night between worrying about my mom and Buck keeping me up. They're going to be running a brain scan and some other tests. It's been a rough time.

My life has just been so chaotic. My anxiety was acting up and then this afternoon at work, I made a mistake with having a bed delivered to the wrong place and I'm worried about that. So, overall it's been a lot to handle. Luckily, Matt was there to comfort and support me.

But, despite all that even with Matt's tempting me to eat bad, I chose to stick with it. I continued to make healthy choices and even though I didn't want to I decided to do an at home workout since I couldn't go to the gym due to the snow storm.

So, all in all, despite an awful day, anxiety attacks, and depression... I didn't let that overcome me or use it as an excuse to eat poorly or not workout. So, one more accomplishment. One more success.

This rough day did not equal defeat today. It just meant today was not a great day, but tomorrow is a new day. And despite the circumstances there was no need for excuses or to give up because I deserve to do better and I AM STRONGER THAN THAT!
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