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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Bling , Bling
1. expensive and flashy jewelry, clothing, or other possessions.
2. the flaunting of such possessions or the flashy lifestyle associated.

3. Flashy;ostentatious.

Verb: (used without object)
4. to flaunt one's material wealth; live in a flashy lifestyle.

verb (used with object)
5. to dress or adorn in a flashy way; Bling up your wardrobe!

Word Origin and History.
Bling also Bling Bling. by 1997, US rap slang, "wealth, expensive accessories, glitter of jewels and other precious metals.

In German: blinken, to gleam, sparkle.

Now that I have explained what bling-bling is let me tell you I love me some bling.
I didn't start out as a little girl, wanting things that glimmered or sparkled.
I grew up in a different era. But once I was in my teens I loved to gaze at the pretty sparkly jewelry at the 5 & 10 store. Do any of you remember Woolworth's?
I spent many dollars of my babysitting money buying that cheap jewelry. It always turned my skin green, and the stones would fall out after a few months. But for a short time that sparkly bracelet or ring were like diamonds to me.
As far as real good jewelry I had a gold cross. What Catholic girl didn't have a cross? I also had a gold locket.
My first engagement ring was a diamond. You had to have a magnify glass to see it, but it was real.
By the time I got my second engagement ring, you couldn't miss it. It was three karats set in platinum with baguettes on the side. That was some bling-bling.
Over the years I added to my bling.
I loved it all. It could be real or faux, or costume , i couldn't have enough.
Then the fabulous 80's came. And sparkle, shine, stones, studs were showing up on clothes. Oh, happy days. What fun.
And to top it off, you could create your own look by the amazing "Bedazzle".
Oh, did I go crazy. I started designing tops, jackets, jeans. Some of the pieces got noticed, before I knew it I was selling at Miami Beach stores. There wasn't anything that couldn't be blinged up. Belts, hats, purses.
By the time the early 90's rolled around it started to die out. Along with shoulder pads and big hair, it was over.
The next couple of decades was not as flashy or flamboyant.
Bling was limited to mostly jewelry.
But by 2013 the studs, crystals on clothing and accessories started to show up on the runways. Designers were bring them back in a more refined way.
For many of the clothing styles, they didn't suit my present fashion style.
I wasn't living in Miami Beach, I wasn't hitting te clubs at night, I wasn't the same person. Many of the hot trendy style don't fit into my present lifestyle.
But I am still attracted to bling. And a dew weeks ago, my eyes lit up when I saw
a glittering red handbag hanging on a rack.
It was like the commercial, I walked up and said"Hello beautiful". I didn't have to ask my insurance agent how much I saved to see if could afford it, for it was at my favorite thrift store. Priced $19.99.
I looked it over , it was perfect. A gorgeous woven red leather with crystal studs on one side, chain on the leather handle. lined in small leopard print. I fell in love, . It was a statement bag. An attention grabber. It was just the bag I would buy, should buy, but I walked away. I didn't buy it.
I came home, thinking about the bag. In a few days there was a 50% off day to shop, I wondered would it still be there. . I am so cheap. Why can't I spend $19.99. I had a $3.00 off coupon. It would only cost $16,99. It was something I wanted, I always save so much, I can afford to spend more. I spent the night thinking about the bag.
I decided to look the designer up to see if I could find out anything about it..
I found the web site, Luxcessories, and low and behold the bag is listed. And it sells for $70.00.
I'm not sure that helped make up my mind to get it, but it probably did. knowing it was a present style and still available.
I went back to the store the next morning. My eyes went directly to the handbag rack, it was still there. I walked straight over, took it off the hanger and not looking at anything else, paid for my "new" bag. Told the clerk about my indecisiveness, glad I was still there.. . She told me she had her eye on it but they can't buy merchandise until it has been on the floor for a couple of days. Otherwise she would have bought it. So here's a picture of the bling bling bag. A description from the web site and a close up photo of the crystal side taken from my scanner.

After I got home with my bag I saw it matched my new Guess red high heels. I had bought them the day before. I love shoes, and have a thing for red. I put them in my scanner and attempted to take a photo, you can see they are very high heel, 4 1/2 inches. But I ware them very well. The nice thing about the heels they only cost me $2.00. Also bought a pair of Chinese Laundry black heels and a pair of Unlisted gunmetal gray wedge strap shoes, both $2.00 each.
Picked up a nice Dress Barn red blazer. plan to ware it on valentine's Day.

Still having problems getting my photo from printer/scanner to computer. So can't show you my latest buys, maybe soon.

It's about that time of day I would open a diet Coke and sit back and enjoy. But I am weaning myself off the habit so will have a cup of soothing tea instead.

I am making some other changes in my eating habits. Trying to be more aware of what, and the correct amount of what I consume. It's too easy to think one more of something won't matter or if it does, I can exercise it off. I want to stop the up and down on the scales. even though it's not too much, I want to stay at a steady weight.

I have told my friend NO candy for Valentines Day. I'm sweet enough. Smile!

Take care Spark friends.
You are the one in control, you make the choices, make good ones.
Peace, and Love,

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • QTEALADY20031
    Hi Tisha, I don't know how I missed these two blogs of yours, must have been running around and was not on Spark! When you told me you were going out Valentine's night with your Bling bag, I thought that must be fancy and it is. That's a really good deal and I love your high heels. I am hoping I can get back in high heels but I need to have the ankle be better and I need the rest of the weight off. I LOVE high heels.!!! I do remember Woolworth's as I worked there in downtown Philly when I was a teenager and then took a job at G.C. Murphy nearer to my home and finally back in town to Bell Telephone. I remember those days! I worked after high school. Those were the good ole days for sure!! You always find the best deals!
    emoticon June
    2572 days ago
    Tisha, Woolworths! What memories! My sister and I would go to the show on Saturday afternoons. We had enough money to do the show and take the bus home or do the show and stop at the Woolworth's counter and have a coke and walk home. Guess what we chose? Always!
    Love the purse and the shoes. Don't you just love it when you walk away from something, think about it and go back and its still there waiting for you?
    2572 days ago
    My wife got a dual crystal solar powered rotation furnishing for valentine's Day. She didn't want candy, but did want the decoration.
    2573 days ago
  • CHEROKEE1946

    What a great blog! Loved Woolworth's and until last year a manager from woolworths took over the store when Woolworth's went out and just made it into a five and dime store, and after all that time decided to retire last year. But it was great and still had great deals and Evening in Paris perfume. I don't know whether they were old or just some bought up things, but got one for a gag for my daughter.

    Love your bling bling. Purse and shoes great. Hugs Colleen
    2576 days ago
    I loved Woolworths when I was a young. My aunt worked in the bulk candy department so I got free candy. I loved the Ben Hur cologne and the evening In Paris. I would still love them if they were around.

    Love the shoes and purse. Great buys! I love a bargain!
    2576 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4274730
    I love this, I love great deals and I love bling!

    I, too, have a very hard time spending money, especially on myself. Good for you, you deserved it!

    Hey, I see you're in Salem :) I'm just south of you in Albany!
    2576 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/12/2014 9:31:44 PM
    I like bling also!
    .**.•*¨-:¦:-. ;.•.-:¦:-
    ".;** .•*´¨ ) Victoria ¨( -:¦:- )
    *.•*¨-:¦:-. ;.•.. -:¦:- Doctor Oz Show Fans Team Leader
    2577 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2560890
    We are twins at heart!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that bag. I am a bling-bling girl all the way. My sister made me a beaded crystal evening bag with a pink flamingo on it. I love flamingos too. It is so over the top that it is for sure, my all time fav.
    I used to wear those stunning heels too but with weight gain, have not been able to even think about them for years. You have given me the inspiration to add to my list of reasons I want to be thin. I want to wear high heels again. I used to have gorgeous legs and can get back there, I just know it. Sparkle all the way on Valentines day but truly SHine EVERY day.

    2577 days ago
    Love how you shop! Great Finds... Since being in Sweet Adeline's .. I've found some great bling tops and jewelry at the thrift stores as well! Good for you, but HOW IN THE WORLD can you stand on the heels!? Wow, I can't do anything over 1 3/4"! Keep embracing your inner Diva!
    2577 days ago
    What a FUN blog!! I totally enjoyed reading it and the chase that ensued as you pursued fashion at bargain prices. All the more fun. I love fashion too, but unfortunately with the way the years have treated my body, I can't wear the heels, and a blinged-out bag would get lost on the back of my wheelchair. BUT...like any good Fashionista, I have a huge assortment of scarves, and they're my fashion statement these days. All in the name of fashion , bling, bling. Happy valentines day. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2577 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/12/2014 10:28:24 AM
    How fun!! What a great job! I don't go in for bling too much, but maybe I should! Enjoy your new find(s)!!! Love, Jeannie
    2577 days ago
    You're a very smart shopper...NOT cheap!

    I go to the thrift store and only buy the things with the 75% off colored tag! That way we can buy more for our money! emoticon
    2577 days ago
    Very nice deals!! You can have those shoes I could never wear heals again because of the arthritis in the one and is limited in motion
    2577 days ago
    Love that bag.......gorgeous.......good for you that you went back and got it....it was definitely meant for you. Now I could not wear even a mini version of those high heels but they are gorgeous as well.....I love red as well, but do not wear it.....it always makes me feel like I am so huge....probably because some have told me so when I wore it......ahh, well, there are other colors that I love even more..*grin* Happy Valentine's Day.:) emoticon emoticon emoticon on your steal of a deal....*grin* :)
    2577 days ago
  • RDEE22
    Great deal. I have a favourite thrift shop. You were lucky the bag was there the next day. It must have been meant for you.
    Love Bling!!
    2578 days ago
    Way to go on those purchases!!!!!
    2578 days ago
  • DEE1221
    Good Deals!! Where the heck do you find shoes for $2? I've never been able to wear heels and wow......those are some HIGH heels you got there, Girl!!
    Keep On Blinging!!
    2578 days ago
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