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MARATHON Training WK5 - Knee Pain, why?

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Last week's training mileage was definitely up there and even though it was frigidly cold around these parts I did 3 of my runs outside. Last year I avoided the winter conditions with training but I know that nothing beats an outside run, even if it is inconvenient, even if you have to dodge snow banks, even if the temps are in the single digits, even if it all around SUCKS! AND tomorrow I am being Ms. BRAVE and waking up at the crack of dawn to do my long run of 10M all before work - and get this - it will be a lovely 9 degrees by 5AM...JOY! I truly hate winter training. But it is like that ol' saying, what doesn't kill ya will make you stronger right! I am pleased that for WK6 it is a scale back week with my longest run of 10M tomorrow than it is smooth sailing.

Also - quite annoying with this training thing, I have started to experience pain in my right knee. I took it to the google to determine what it was that was aggravating it and it could be a number of things namely my mileage is increasing therefore thems the breaks, or it could be my running shoes - possibly theory since I have not replaced my shoes since last year's training and have definitely worn those suckers out, could be an icing thing although I do not feel that it is swollen so much, then I hear about that crappy IT band issue thing but I think that my pain is in a different area. So I am going to start with trying to get new sneaks, then perhaps those inserts because I have a wicked pronation issue, one foot is wicked under the other over which is causing all types of balance issues I think. We will see but I don't like it. Any runners out there with ideas about what the heck is going on, your advice is most welcome :)

Nutrition wise I am finally seeing the scale go back down in the right direction and it is about time as I was seriously ready to throw the stinkin' scale out the window! What was helpful was bringing it back ol'school and measuring my portions again. Once you get in the habit of eating less it gets easier. Also the increased mileage has helped out a lot too.

Now for the stats...

Monday - OFF
Tuesday - 25:42, 3M treadmill
Wednesday - 61mins, treadmill, 7M
Thursday - 3M outside, 26:49, frigid
Friday - 7M outside, 61mins, treadmill
Saturday - 14M, 2:09:12 and so cold!
Sunday - supposed to be a "cross train" day, did not happen, rest day

Now for the accountability stuff...

#1. Gym day this Sunday NO.MATTER.WHAT! - NO, FAIL!! Will not happen this week...
#2. Go to the running store, need a new fuel belt and knee thingie - Yes
#3. Ice after long runs - Yes
#4. Sunday dinner make it healthy - Yes
#5. This Saturday, salad for lunch, bonus points if it is pretty - Yes, improvised with McD's salad as I was out with DS#2 but grilled chicken and everything
#6. Weigh in on Sunday, for some reason I avoid the scale on Sundays to rationalize poor eating - NO, but I did not eat poorly

GOALS for this WEEK
#1. 10M on Wednesday morning, no matter how cold
#2. Have a nice meal on V day
#3. Gym working Saturday morning
#4. Running store - buy the new sneaks
#5. Healthy dinner for Sunday
#6. No buying lunch on Friday

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  • BUTTERFLY-1976
    Hopefully new sneaks will help. I know when my legs start hurting or feel twinges, it's time for new shoes. I've also heard wearing 2 different kinds of shoes & rotating them, has helped with leg issues.

    Enjoy your scale back week.
    1558 days ago
    Absolutely get new shoes!!!! Most important piece of equipment.
    1559 days ago
    Yep decrease your mileage asap and go to the Galloway method walk then run then walk. New shoes would help yet running outside (I have done that in Canada) stopping, starting etc will play havoc on your knees if you are a new runner.

    Mileage should not be increased more than 10% of your overall weekly total. So if you run 10 KM total in one week, only increase that by 1.0 KM or 10% the next week.

    Golden rule: If you knee hurts......stop and get it checked, do not make it worse by continuing to run on it.

    Also cross training will help with your running.....less pounding on the joints but great for all over strengthening....swimming, indoor spinning etc.
    1560 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/12/2014 2:52:51 PM
    Hope the new shoes work for you. I had knee issues when I started running, Being older, my knees couldn't take the pounding necessary for marathon training, so I switched to run/walk my times remained the same or better and no more knee pain! Good luck.

    1560 days ago
    I had some knee pain early in my training and got new shoes and it helped a ton! I'm also stretching carefully after every workout to make sure to avoid runner's knee.
    Kudos to you for running in such cold weather.. I pushed my 9 miles to mid-day on Saturday to avoid icy conditions. thankfully it is warmer here in Seattle now, but wind and rain may be the issue instead.

    Good luck, hope your run went well today!

    1560 days ago
    Consider going to and look at their shoes. Especially if you know what you want. 2 days free shipping to you.
    1560 days ago
    You are brave. If I lived in a winter climate, I would be in the fetal position from about November through June! HUGE props to you. I hope you are rewarded with perfect marathoning temps on the big day.

    Your knee pain is likely from an increase in mileage coupled with old shoes. Definitely get fresh shoes and if you run on consecutive days, buy2 pairs and rotate them. If you are having an IT band issue, it will manifest with pain on the outside of the knee and will feel like a sharp, stabbing pain. If that is the case, get yourself to a sports chiro asap because the IT band is one of those issues that needs a lot of help and encouragement to resolve!

    Good luck on your frosty run tomorrow!
    1561 days ago
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