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Not your Mother's Weight Loss Plan!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Growing up, my Mother relied on Ayd's diet candy to maintain her girlish figure, in between giving birth to five children.

Some of us have been around long enough to remember these ads:

Note that by today's standards, this actress would be considered chubby! I like the old standards better.

NOTE: This product is no longer sold.

In the early 80's two of my older sisters lost a LOT of weight taking over the counter diet pills which were laced with phenopropanolamine and caffeine:

Both of them, later in life, developed neurological issues I have been blessed not to have. Those pills are also no longer sold as they have been banned by the FDA.

Here is my diet pill. I take it once a day for 15 minutes or more.

Eventually I would like to do this with an in home DVD or maybe even splurge on myself with a Wii or Xbox as a reward when I reach Onederland (weight under 200) again!

The FDA has never banned exercise or healthy eating! YAY!

HOORAY for Spark People and all the articles that educate us about health, fitness, nutrition and motivation. Don't just read 5 a day to get your Spark Points, actually read them to increase your knowledge and building blocks for success.

Just think, if you read 5 a day for a month, on average that is 150 segments of are really arming yourself for success!

For my Spark Friends who have recently had a couple of days off plan, Y'all come back now, ya hear? Seriously, a day or two may delay your progress, but use it as a way to reflect and learn so that next time, it's maybe just one meal.

Then please remind me of the same when I need it.

OK, one more for today since I mentioned today's standards awhile ago:

I do not recall ever being a size 2. I was a size 5 once, in 6th grade, pre-puberty. I would like to get back to a 10, but we'll see what happens when I get closer to goal. If I end up an 8 or a 12, I'm ok with that too.

Onward & Downward!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I remember Ayds! To me it was candy. Didn't stop me from overeating.

    And I loved Metrical wafers, the chocolate ones. They were hard and weird but I loved them and found them addictive.

    I have this awful memory of starting a diet with Metrical. I ate my breakfast wafers...and I felt so compulsive and I couldn't stop eating. I ate the lunch portion. Then I ate the dinner portion and the fourth portion. And the box was empty. It was only 9 AM and I'd already eaten the entire day's allotment.

    I lay down on the couch and cried and cried and cried. I felt so awful, so horrible, so out of control.

    Before long I found out about dexamyl diet pills which doctors freely prescribed in those days. They were great! They worked so well for me.

    What I didn't know is that I have ADD/ADHD, and stimulants are frequently good for people with ADD/ADHD. Those pills were helping me with the condition that wasn't diagnosed until I was well into middle age.

    Now I use Adderall for my ADD/ADHD, but it has no effect on my appetite at all.
    1530 days ago
    I remember the AYDs. Not sure who in the family would have been using them as my mother was a skinny rail. I tried a few pills and weird plans but eating right and exercising has always worked best.
    loved the blog

    1531 days ago
    I remember when the diet plan was steak and a salad. Also my 1st WW attempt, the plan was you could only eat certain foods and each week the plan would gradually food. When I was a 10 (in my 20's) I thought I was fat and wanted to be a size 5. I just want to be a 10 now.
    1531 days ago
    I remember seeing ayds in my aunts kitchen. You have a great attitude! Keep it up. I love that last picture!

    You are doing excellent! Great blog!

    1532 days ago
    I remember that Ayds candy! I never used it; I was a kid back then, but I remember looking through my mom's magazines and seeing ads for it.
    1532 days ago
    I want to just get out of plus size clothes!!! I'm almost there.
    1532 days ago
    I think it's comical how they post in the media how this or that person is anorexic if they're thin and well I'm grotesquely obese by their standards. I love the fact that no one is ever's freaking annoying.
    1532 days ago
    emoticon I'm happy at a size 9-10 hope some day I get back there, but for now I just want out of the 200's. Good luck and thanks for sharing.
    1532 days ago
    I have to agree with women's figures back before Super Models took over the media! I am not happy with being overweight me. But, I don't aim to be a stick figure, either. They used to advertise products to help women put ON weight. Bigger was beautiful and too skinny wasn't what anyone really wanted.

    When I was 16, I tried diet pills that were sold on those late-night infomercials. They eventually were banned and what did they do? They expanded with water inside your stomach to create a "full" feeling (it was the same stuff used in baby diapers). So you'd eat LESS. But, they also caused intestinal blockage and some people ended up needing surgery. I wasn't overweight back then, I was pretty average (size 6), but I wanted to look like the girls in the Teen-Vogue magazines I subscribed to.

    I don't want to be a size 2 either. My goal is a size 8-10.
    1532 days ago
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