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Sunday, February 09, 2014

In the past year and a half, since we moved to Wales, I worked a job (up until a month ago) that was relatively active. I had to STOW in a big Amazon warehouse. This means that you have a huge building full of these long-long aisles that are full of shelves everywhere with billions of items from DVDs to 10 kilo dog food, and I had to put these items from my trolley that I was pushing around to the shelves. When my trolley got empty, I went to the end of the aisle and I was handed a new trolley and I did that all over again. So it's mildly physical work, not very hard physically but you do burn some calories, definitely more than in an office or behind the wheel like at my previous jobs. I think doing this type of work helped me a lot in weight loss. I will never know how many calories this type of job burns, but I have lost 30 pounds in about a year (I did pay attention to my nutrition too, but I'm just saying that overall, I think having this job helped too).

Since we moved here I tried to do other things too. I tried a spinning class but I didn't like it. :) I tried walking but I guess I'm just too lazy for it but also the weather here is driving all of us crazy, it's almost constantly raining and the wind makes every outdoor activity a pain in the a**, and if it's raining there's no way your umbrella won't break from the wind (it's crazy how many broken umbrellas you see here at the side of the road almost every day, I could do a Tumblr blog about that). There are those rare days when the weather looks nice but it can go from perfectly clear blue sky to storm in 4 minutes (I timed it, I'm seriously not kidding, the clouds moved so quickly you thought it got dark from an eclipse)!

We don't have a car here (easiest way to save money) and no bike either (we live on a hill so it would be a pain in the a** anyway) so I can only go to gyms/classes that are relatively close. I hate walking up this hill by the way, especially that it's almost always raining. Maybe I'm just not used to this weather or maybe I'm just lazy, but either way I want Hungarian weather back where you have a proper -15 degree Celsius winter with snow and a +30 degree Celsius summer with a lot of sun, and spring and fall in between when it does rain, but not every single effing day.

I also did cardio videos by SparkPeople in the past year, but not too often, since I find them a bit boring (sorry) and also I'd only like to do it when it's just me and my boyfriend in the house, and that's pretty rare too...

An other thing that I really liked doing this past year was YOGA. I found this really sweet girl on YouTube, she's a yoga instructor and champion in Canada and she has some yoga videos online. She's called Teshia Maher and she's just a sweet and humble girl, not one of those "loud" people who make exercise DVDs if you know what I mean. (I made a playlist with all of her videos, because they're all over the internet at different YouTube channels, so if anyone's interested I can give you the link to my playlist). So back to my yoga: I'm pretty flexible to begin with and I always felt like improving that, and doing yoga also relieved some pain that I had all over my body in my joints, it mostly relieved it in my hips. I wasn't doing a LOT of yoga this year, it was about one or two months when I did it 2 times a week in average, but I really loved it. But again, my ambition was missing.

I did go to the gym in January, I actually want to start going again (today actually, since I feel a bit better after writing things out of myself here on this blog), it's a 20 minute road downhill to the gym and a 25 minute road uphill back home afterwards, and I think there's only been one or two occasions in January when it wasn't raining. I can only rely on dressing up real warm with a waterproof coat, and having an umbrella (accepting that it can break at any moment because of the winds). I really hate being outside in this weather, I'm not British... :)

I want to try a Pilates class tomorrow which is relatively close to where I live, but I generally don't want to spend too much money right now on anything, since I'm unemployed...I just don't want to touch our savings just because I don't get a salary anymore... I think I'll just try the Pilates class one time and maybe do some of the stuff at home.

My ambition is missing in everything lately. Well, not just lately, better yet ever since I can remember actually... Sometimes I feel like I should just admit to myself that I'm just lazy. I don't really have ambition to cook, I don't really have ambition to work out, to watch what I eat, sometimes I don't even shower or brush my teeth because I'm just lacking any type of ambition to stand up from the computer or whatever. I started reading a book about history, I don't have the ambition to read that either any more...

I really love Beyoncé by the way (I know this is out of the blue in a blog about my physical activity), and the reason I'm saying this is that even following her work is making me feel bad about myself. She always talks about how hard she works, and it's crazy how many concerts and interviews and photo shoots and video shoots and songs and perfumes and endorsements and everything she has done, she's managing herself now on top of everything, and she always says that you have to work hard, and it just makes me feel bad about myself because I know that I'm SO lazy compared to her, and I wish I had more in my life (more success, more money, more recognition, etc.) but I'm not working for it, so who's to blame? Me, of course. So even listening to the music of my favorite artist makes me feel bad about myself now. And when you feel bad about being lazy but then do NOTHING about it: that just makes you feel pathetic...

But all in all, I don't want to be too dramatic, I did however go to the gym almost every other day in January, and I'll go today too, I'll also continue writing this, we'll see how everything goes.
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