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Why Keep Judging? (2014- Blog #39)

Saturday, February 08, 2014

I watched the first episode of the Biggest Loser and the last 45 minutes of the last episode. I watched this time because I keep hearing about it! So, I gave it a shot. I did not have much interest in watching the entire season but I was impressed and touched by the stories of each contestant. Their individual dedication to taking this huge step to health was striking

The last 45 minutes was equally striking. I did not even recognize the contestants - so overwhelming was their weight loss. And the last three contestants really amazed me in terms of what they had accomplished. I am not a medical professional nor was I there to witness them lose weight so I will not comment on the safety of the kind of weight loss they each had.

But here is what I will comment on - US THE VIEWERS! It is such a shame that the viewing public is sooooo quick to villanize overweight people - They are this that and the other as is easily (huh??) seen by their overweight condition. Really? We know what each person goes through to get to the weight they are at? No. Doesn't matter what we think, we really do not know. And then the winner of the biggest loser gets raked over the coals for her almost 60% loss of body weight? Ok.. maybe that is not wise, but am I the professional who was with her every step of the way? No. Do I know what her metabolism is like? No. Why do we seem to thrive of judging others regardless of what they accomplish? Must we be so negative all the time?

I choose to assume that anyone over 18 is an adult and capable of making life changing decisions on his/her own. I may have an opinion, but frankly, I need to keep my negative opinions to myself. Here on spark, I think the majority of feedback we give each other is uplifting and supportive. Perhaps we might worry a tad about some choices others make, but for the most part, we share in the triumphs and uplift in the hard times.

I do not know the young lady who won, but I do see good in what she accomplished. She worked dang hard for HER OWN RESULTS. We might not agree with doing it the way she did it and if she made some decisions that are not the best for her, she has her own personal support team (not us) to gently talk to her. The peanut gallery is not going to change her life. She is.

Anyways... may today be full of your own decisions - ones you choose to stand by.

"You live longer once you realize that any time spent being unhappy is wasted. "
Ruth E. Renkl

MANTRA: Every opportunity is a choice. Every choice is an opportunity. (me)

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    I watched the whole season. I love to see how contestants find the fight in them to change their lives. This show has inspired America to lose weight. I joined Jillianmichaels.com as a result of the show, and learned about HIIT which got me to my weight today.

    I really identified with Rachel this season. I knew she would win because of the inner athlete and real competitor in her spirit. I was shocked that she only weighed 105, and that was all muscle. I felt the results were sending the wrong message to our young women. I chalked it up to wanting to win. I expect she will get back into swimming, and build a healthy lifestyle, as so many other successful contestants have done.

    She signed up for a show, and really wanted to win. As an athlete, she did just about anything to win.

    Yes, I agree that the talk is harsh. Time will tell the whole story. Ali Vincent, season 5 winner, also lost more weight than she could maintain. She admits it was all about being the biggest loser.
    1863 days ago
  • NANCY-
    Perhaps that it is they do not have anything constructive to offer that folks turn to adding to gossip and hype.

    Okay that was a bit judgmental on my part. However I do find you blogs spot on.
    1863 days ago
    Very well sai!
    1863 days ago
    I would never berate an overweight person, kudos to anyone who gets healthy.
    Each has their own personal battle and way to reach their goal.

    More carrot, less stick, more encouragement, less judgement.

    Great blog hun emoticon
    1863 days ago
    We each have enough of our reality to contend with, thank you...my reaction to reality shows has always been an underwhelming "meh" or yawn.

    1864 days ago
    Well written. Reality shows are constructed and manipulate both the contestants and the viewers. The greater the controversy the better the ratings.
    Lets be supportive of one another like here on SP.
    1864 days ago
    most people were shocked not that she had worked so hard to lose weight but that she had become underweight and looked emaciated. It sends a dangerous message to a lot of people that you cannot be too thin. I think she tried everything she could to win the money, and I hope that she reaches a weight that makes her look more normal and maintains it there. There comes a point where these reality shows offer prize money that pushes people to do things they would otherwise not try. We don't need Hunger Games, we need contests that will reward the person who reaches their optimum best . Maybe someday we will see something like that
    1864 days ago
    It's important to note that we are only judging something in ourselves, seen in the mirror of another person. Discernment is not judgement and should be kept to one's own life unless asked. Intuitive indications from others, which is my own gift/curse still has my #1 statement involved. Projection makes perception.

    Also involved is one's reaction to what others may or may not say about others, true?

    It's all a wonderful imperfect world filled with less than perfect people all wanting to avoid seeing their imperfections by getting involved in another's drama or comedy.
    1864 days ago
    Not only that, but she won a quarter of a million dollars doing it! How is that different from a pro athlete? And now, she has advice and people who care about her... and it's just a shame "we" the viewing public feel we have a right to judge.

    BTW, I saw a really great commentary that talks about gender bias in that judgment. Since I can't put a link in a comment, I just put the URL text here: http://theantijared.com/2014/02/rac

    Here's to more support. Less judgment! emoticon
    1864 days ago
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