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Friday, February 07, 2014

For over a year now....I have been eyeing the active link that is available with weight watchers. I have felt like a kid in the candy store looking.....dreaming.....of having one. I have held it in my hands......I have read everything I could on it.....I asked questions.

I must admit...some of the reviews have been harsh.....I get that. Members thought that they were CHEATED in earning their activity points. I get that too.

I mulled over the reviews, but didn't want to be influenced by other's disappointments. I actually understand the base line and fitness minutes. It is a hard pill to swallow for we all like to think we DID more....EARNED more in activity points. I know I for one can be like that. I mean....if I DO something.....there should be a huge ticker tape parade that I accomplished a workout! LOL!

Seriously though, I understand the base line where I need to earn a certain amount of fitness points to maintain where I am now. Going beyond that a plus for me in being fit and active. That is where the true success comes forth.

I realized this more and more as I kept track of what I have done these last few months. Case in all day steps exceeded 10.000. Etools gave me FOUR activity points. My fitness minutes for the day were 50. That 50 was for CONTINOUS minutes and I plugged that in and my activity points then were reduced to 3 activity points. Which one was TRULY accurate? They both all much as I would have LOVED to have FOUR points.......I EARNED THREE for that was TRULY my workout.

I am ready to accept this.....take this challenge.....and have it become a part of my life.

The draw back to the active that it does NOT count steps. I love steps...miles...for I love to see how FAR I have walked. I love the site for walking across America. I have completed it took just over 3 years and now I am on my second loop. I am currently in Kentucky and have a long ways to go before I reach Oregon. SO.....I shall still keep RAMBO emoticon for that fact. Plus...I love him. I do.

This past Tuesday, I finally got my active link.

The first 8 days are the longest ones for I have to get my assessment for my base and then the challenge starts to increase my daily target in points earned. I cannot wait.

My biggest dilemma was naming my new friend. I absolutely believe in naming your fitness pal. I do. It sounds so cold in saying...MY ACTIVE LINK. This is going to be my companion. We are going to go hiking.....swimming.....walkin
g.........and places such as baseball games.....carnivals.....ETC. We are going to be BUDDIES!

So........I came up with DALLAS. I loved that show and still do. Who cannot love Linda Gray? She is older...and is such a picture of perfect health. I loved JR and his humor. A good friend of mine also lives near Dallas and has always told me that I was an honorary Texan. DALLAS is perfect....even IF I am not. I THINK I can dance?


I am actually a terrible dancer, but I love to do so anyways!

The most important thing......I have to have fun in what I am doing...or I just don't do it.

Do I THINK I can dance?

In my OWN style...well....


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