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Would you eat chicken if you knew the facts?

Friday, February 07, 2014

The facts about factory-farmed chicken that is.

Food and Water Watch made a very short summary of it in video format (under 2 minutes):

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    Just the reason why I don't eat any meat anymore!! Thanks for sharing...it's all true! That was happening in Spain and most certainly is here in the UK too.
    1534 days ago
    This wasn't bad. We are used to being shown horrific videos that sicken us and make us animal lovers cry! It is what we expect now. I have never seen a chicken factory farm, nor do I ever care to, but I have accidentally gone for a run by a cow factory farm! It was horrific! I won't go on about it, but that is why I pay more for meat I know where it comes from. Chickens as well.
    1535 days ago
    After several people said they couldn't watch the video I decided to add that it does not contain graphic stuff about chicken keeping and slaughtering. Just mentions the basic facts in a different format, a restaurant simulation.
    1536 days ago
  • ERIN1957
    I will not support factor farms at all.
    1536 days ago
    I couldn't watch the video and knew it as soon as I saw that was what was posted. I used to raise chickens - not commercially but just for our family. They are wonderful birds. So full of personality it will make you smile emoticon . Their antics were wonderful to watch each day and I used to keep a chair near their pen just for that purpose. I also let them out everyday to poke around in the yard, eat bugs, stretch their legs. Yes, they made a mess of my flowerbeds. And yes, they pooped all over the lawn. But really, in the grand scheme of things, does it really matter? They were happy and we cared for them. They provided our eggs and entertainment. After a bad fall in their muddy yard last year I had to give them up (after more than 10 years) and my small flock now lives with a friend who has become so enthralled they added 15 more birds to the flock! So they continue to entertain a new family and live a good life. I can not and will not purchase chicken in the store. It breaks my heart to even think of the horrible life those birds must have had.
    1536 days ago
    Back in the 70s in an MBA program we studied methods of making food production more profitable. We learned that companies put contact lenses (5 cents each I remember) on chickens which would blur their vision so they couldn't peck each other as they were packed in side by side to live their lives.

    They weren't concerned about the chickens hurting each other, only that the meat would not be saleable if it was all pecked.

    The state of agribusiness has gone downhill since then.
    I couldn't watch the video either. I know what it will show, but thank you for continuing to bring these facts to light.

    1536 days ago
    Thanks for telling me the things that I do not want to hear.
    I know that I will be giving up chickens soon.
    1536 days ago
  • TERRYT55
    I can't watch the video.....I know what it will show.

    I don't eat meat, chicken or fish. I buy only free range eggs. The way animals are treated by big factory farms and slaughter houses is shameful.

    1536 days ago
    So sad!
    1536 days ago
    The love of money not caring for animals Leads to this emoticon
    1536 days ago
    emoticon It's no wonder I don't eat much chicken or meat!
    1536 days ago

    What we've done in the name of corporate greed (it's really not about 'food' anymore) saddens me beyond words.
    1536 days ago
    I always look for range free - not always possible to afford, but I understand - can't watch the video, I would have night mares ... rather not have them...
    1537 days ago
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