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The Rules (which I have NOT been following)

Friday, February 07, 2014

Thanks to BEAUTIFUL_REINA for asking a question in her blog that made me think about the things that help me succeed in weight loss. I needed this reminder, as I've been in plateau, (which I euphemistically call "maintenance mode") for many months now, and have not yet reached my goal weight.

Having these clearly stated will help me to follow them better and have more SUCCESS!!!

1) Do not allow any "trigger foods" in the house. (For me this includes just about everything made with flour.)

2) Have healthy snack foods prepared in serving sizes and always with me, so that I don't have to go more than 2-3 hours without food.

3) Drink water. Drink water. DRINK WATER.

4) Always track food as I go, even if it means writing it on a piece of paper and carrying it in my pocket.

5) Eating after 8pm is a no-no. If it is necessary due to late classes etc., then just a protein drink.

6) Exercise helps curb my appetite, so brisk walks or short bike rides throughout the day in addition to the gym help a lot. If I just need 2 things from the store, I walk or ride.

7) Keep my hands busy - knit or crochet when watching TV or any other time I'm tempted to snack mindlessly.

8) Remind myself that it is OK to feel hungry sometimes, and 3 hours will NOT kill me! (See #2 and #3.) Those hunger pangs are the feeling of FAT CELLS SHRINKING.

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In addition to just posting this here, I'm going to print them in big font and put them on the fridge and pantry doors to remind me that I CAN DO THIS.

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