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2008 was when it all began...

Friday, February 07, 2014

Indeed....2008 was when I cut off my long, curly hair at the salon... it was when I looked in the mirror and said "Enough is enough - you deserve to treat yourself better than this." and that was the day I joined Sparkpeople and have been here ever since.

My stats are on my page....I won't ever take them off.
187 start weight - Feb 7, 2008
150 - goal weight - achieved 6 months later and maintained for a year. Nov 2008.
140 - achieved after I got to know the new me in the 150s and fell off track and then kickstarted myself into tracking nutrition and exercise again to stay on point. Maintained that for another year....get used to another "new me:
130s - achieved after the 140s maintenance run....again, not expected or anticipated...but I have been in the 130-135 range ever since.

Today I am at 130.

I tried on my "Maintenance" dress today too....fits like a glove, 2 years later...I wish I could wear it out, but it's a floor length navy bridesmaid gown...not work appropriate. emoticon

Was thinking about how to celebrate it today - the first thought was to get something sweet at Panera Bread before work, and then I immediately smashed that idea because I really don't like sweets anymore.

So instead I am here to say THANK YOU to Sparkpeople. For being a great site for people to congregate and commiserate, support and cheer, and for keeping it free for so many to use the tools on here to work towards a healthier lifestyle.

And really - that is what it should be about - a healthy overall lifestyle - good food, good family, good friends (relatioships matter), good spirituality, good work (work or volunteer - something has to be positive). All these things matter to have a healthy lifestyle - Spark even gives us the articles to read and absorb...if you haven't delved into those archives - I encourage you to start reading an article a night.

If you make the small changes you need to, the weight that is bugging you WILL eventually come off. It just takes time, patience, reevaluating constantly, trying new things, omitting old things, and tracking and logging your journey as you go along. Patience and persistence and positivity.....all hard things to learn, but achievable in small baby steps.

Probably the most important. SEEING is believing...and when you SEE in black and white the calories in and out, emotions in and out... you can reevaluated easier than just thinking about it in your head.

OK - enough with the soap box....I am done emoticon

emoticon and emoticon emoticon

I really don't know where I would be today with out all of you guys.

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