Thursday, February 06, 2014

Just flying by to let you all know I am still here. February is already panning out to be supremely busy for me... but I kind of knew it would be!

Baby started Sea Cadets a few weeks ago and has been constantly bombarding me since the first day with "When do I get my uniform, mum... mum, when will they give it to me... can you ask them mum...." - you get the picture.

I went to pick her up this week and she comes strutting out in full kit!

If there were a badge for wearing your uniform with pride, she should have been given it right away!

Yesterday was her 11th birthday - it all turned into a massive stress though, as eldest girl's boyf was coming down from Liverpool - they hadn't met before, but he was meeting daughter in the city after college and bringing her home. She rang an hour after they should have met asking what she should do as he hadn't arrived and his phone was off. Now although I partly suspected he may not have turned up, I do generally believe the best of people, so I threw every logical reason at her - for instance, his phone may have run out of battery as it was a long journey, something may have made him have to turn and go back - like the weather, since it has been so horrendous, he may have got scared about meeting us and having to stay in our house overnight if we didn't like him - but that said, he still hasn't phoned or texted her today. I want to say I hope he has had an accident... not so bad that he is horrendously hurt, just bad enough that he is in hospital therefore unable to use his phone. I am sure you all know what I mean...

Here's another thing: I spent the whole of Tuesday helping my dad fill out a claim form for ESA. He has been off work for ages with a bad back - I personally think he should be making a claim for constructive dismissal, but he doesn't want to make a fuss. He has had issues with his back before, but the role he was doing suited his condition just fine. His bosses decided to move him to another dept though and when he said he couldn't do that their own nurse said he was too ill to work - when actually he could work if he kept the same job he was doing. Then his SSP ran out at the beginning of Dec, but he heard nothing from his bosses - it was only when he went through his January payslip he noticed there was no sickness money (holiday pay made his dec slip up to the normal amount so he hadn't noticed) I researched and found out that BY LAW they should have told him 2wks before the last payment so ESA would have been continuous, as it is he has been 2months with no money. He was told by CAB to print and complete the form and hand it into the benefits office. So he did, after I spent a day filling it in, another hour checking over the bits I had left him to do, he spent an hour waiting to see someone - who told him they couldn't accept it, but he had to go home and PHONE the office so they could complete it, send it out to be signed and then they'd sort it... WHAT???

Today I have been sorting paperwork for the younger 2 girls' mental health support, then a meeting at school which was very emotional for all.

Tomorrow, I swim and drink coffee with my mummy and daddy. I love Fridays. If anyone should ever take a Friday from me, there will be need of a very large search party to ensure all their pieces are found!

Next week, more hassle. Daughter has decided she doesn't want to attend her interview in Bath. Firstly, she was told the music building is in a rural place and her thinking is that she wants new experiences from Uni rather than more of the same - also she doesn't feel ready. They want more from her at the audition than the others and she hasn't a big enough repertoire to just play what they want.
I am partly glad, but also wonder if she isn't limiting her options too much by cutting herself down to only 2 unis - of ccourse if I say that, it sounds as though I am suggesting she isn't good enough for the 2 she really wants - which couldn't be further from the truth! It's all just eggshells at the moment!

I am having massive problems with getting her to her London one, too. I talked of the issues with travelling. I really don't want to go, and my parents said they would pay half the train fare if I wanted - she had finally come round to agree that she would travel the train alone, had arranged for a friend to collect her from the station and drive her to the college - then the rain came ... and pretty much washed our entire transport system into the sea. (Those of you not in the UK, run Dawlish Railway or anything similar through Google and you will see what I mean!) I am confused now. The news reports all say there are no trains in or out of the county for at least 6 months, yet the FGW website says everything is running normally. I need to advance-buy the ticket, as the price almost doubles on the day - but I don't know what to do for the best. I may still have to suck it up and drive... and put tyres on my car!

AND I need to finance an 18th birthday party, buy 2 provisional driving licences (which are aparently £90 each now - £17 in my day!!) and save some cash for my birthday trip.

And the eldest needs a new laptop, middle needs a new cable for hers and my netbook cable is fried!

Oh and I was really annoyed with myself the other day - I was on day 39 of my log-in streak, day 40 I was online to track and posted a couple of messages but didnt spin the wheel so had to start over. *angry face*

Needless to say, I have barely exercised this week.

No-one tell the scales, though - they are still being kind at the moment!

And yes, this is long and very mundane... thank you if you have read this far!
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