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Operation Don't Get Fatter Pregnant: Week 23 Recap

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

In this week, I saw the baby move on the inside, from the outside for the first time. I was sitting in the bath tub (a moisturizing soak before coconut oil rub down to combat my dry, itchy, painful skin). I was sitting there all relaxed, watching Downton Abbey on my Kindle when suddenly... my stomach started moving on it's own. Evie kicked, and I could see the movement from the outside. She moved again, and again my stomach rolled. There is no doubt about there being something alive in there. It is just so surreal watching my body do these things on it's own! I sat there and watched in wonder as my body did things I had absolutely no control over. It was so very odd.

DQ and I went to Dance Masters over the weekend with her competition teams. We stayed the night at a hotel in Columbus, and had a pretty good time. I was feeling pretty rough with a headache and back pain. I couldn't get enough water, and it didn't help much that I went 6 hours w/o eating. I have started carrying Special K protein bars in my purse for times I can't get to food as quickly as I would like. I had some in the car - but being stuck in the auditorium made it difficult to get to the food in the car. The competition season is just heating up, and I will have to make a lot of effort to take care of me during this time. I usually go without while making sure DQ is ready, well fed/hydrated, and on stage when she's supposed to be. Now that there is another life growing inside me, I can't do that. Certainly don't want to pass out, and be of no use to DQ.

My mom and I had a large argument a few weeks ago. My nephew (the girls brother who is in my mom's custody), had done something awful to them in September. Just so happened it was on the same day that Evie was conceived, as the girls stayed the night with mamaw, and we had a kid free weekend. Since then, I have been on guard about it all. I am not over reacting. What he did to them was very wrong. He is 10 yrs old, and exposed them to things I was trying to protect them from. Even coerced them to perform these things on him, saying he wouldn't love them any more if they didn't do what he said. In November, was a strike two against him b/c he was bragging to one of their cousins about what he had them do, and really embarrassed DQ. Then in January, at the gender reveal party, he had V alone in my back yard in a very compromising position. I told my mom that enough is enough. They will not be around each other at all any more. This made her angry with me. She sees him as the victim, and won't face reality with this situation, even going so far as to blame my children for what he did to them. I told her that I would be the world's worst mom to let this continue, and my girls are no longer allowed around him at all, and although this makes life very difficult, as my children can't have as good a relationship with my parents, I have stuck to my guns.

Because of this she was very angry and hateful toward me for awhile. Kept telling me that my nephew wanted to talk to me about my decision - as if he could change my mind since she can't. I told her there is no point in talking to him at this point. He knows what he did wrong, and he has to understand I will protect his sisters, even from him if I have to. Well in my 23rd week of pregnancy... my mom bought my 10 year old nephew a cell phone... with full internet/texting access. Guess who is now texting me at all hours of the day to talk about not being able to see his sisters.

I hope stress doesn't affect this baby too much. Because let me tell you - the entire pregnancy has been nothing but some of the worst stress I have ever suffered in my life. I try to manage it all with grace and courage. But some nights, I just cry myself to sleep at 6pm to escape the stress of it all. I am outraged at my mother for keeping this stress present in my life while she knows I am pregnant.

Evie is still a very active baby. She sits high in my short torso, and my ribs ache all the time. Only relief is standing or laying. I have been eating fairly well, and have to do my glucose testing in the next week or two. Bleh. I dread that. Everyone at work is being very overprotective of me. They fuss at me for pushing a box across the floor, and if I am standing too long, fuss at me to sit down and put my feet up. I love that they care that much about me and Evie. I just hate being made to feel like an invalid. I hate being told I can't do things. I hate being told to sit down, when it hurts to sit, and I would rather stand as much as I can. Just part of being pregnant. I keep telling myself only 16 weeks left, then the real fun begins!

Evie is about the size of an ear of corn, and weighs a little over a pound now. From everything I have read, she is quite long and lean right now, but will start really filling out with baby fat over the next few weeks. Makes sense to me that is one of the last things that forms. I have been working on finishing up my registry and the birth plan. We have prenatal classes scheduled, but I need to reschedule them as they were scheduled on the weekend of our first dance competition. Oops....

I hope you all are having fabulous days!!

emoticon T.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Evie is a very pretty name.

    I think you are doing the right thing (as far
    as you nephew goes)
    stick to your guns.


    1567 days ago
    It's so exciting that you can see your baby moving now. It is such an amazing thing to experience. Don't worry so much about gaining the weight. As long as you do your best to eat healthy it will all work out. I'm sure you will be taking extra snacks along with you after the last competition. You are doing great!!!!!
    I definitely agree with 1DERLANDBOUND. Your nephew could benefit from counseling those types of behaviors probably won't go away on their own. You are ABSOLUTELY doing the right thing as difficult as it may be the safety of your precious girls is #1. I'm sorry that your mom doesn't understand that. Block his number you don't need that stress. Take care of your and your girls. Hang in there!!!! You can do it!!! emoticon
    1568 days ago
    I love reading your updates about Evie and the girls. I'm sorry that you are getting so much added stress from your family. It could just be my line of work but it sounds like your nephew could really use counseling to look into why he is acting out this way. His actions will only get worse as he gets older and isn't held accountable for them now, especially if he is bragging about them. Keep going with your instincts and keep him separated from the girls even if this limits the time that they get to see their grandparents. I also agree that you need to block his cell number so you don't get the calls and texts at all hours.
    1569 days ago
    emoticon above all know that you are absolutely doing the right thing to protect your daughters. I'm truly sorry that your mother seems incapable of understanding exactly what is wrong with her grandson's behavior and exactly who are the victims.

    First, block those numbers from calling and texting you. You do not need that stress.

    Second, as hard as it is, think about taking a break from your family. For your own health and sanity, and also that of your daughters...just because some people are related to you doesn't mean they will have your best interests at heart.

    Third, always know that you can vent here. emoticon
    1569 days ago
    Yikes. I'm sorry to hear that that's happening between your daughters and nephew. I think you're doing the right thing, even if your mother hasn't figured that out. You can't compromise in a situation like that. Your girls have a difficult enough time without that added stress. :(
    1569 days ago
    So sorry that you are facing so much stress. It's hard when it's family that is making things worse. Just remember to take care of YOU!! emoticon
    1569 days ago
    I'm sorry you're going through all that stress right now. I'm glad you are taking time to destress in the bath with Downton Abby! That sounds wonderful.

    Honestly for me, the glucose test was not bad at all. I didn't have to do it fasting. I just chugged the 5oz of watery orange Koolaid an hour before my appointment. I felt totally fine during the hour wait. They took some blood. I waited a few days and got my results that I passed. Actually it came back that I was a little hypoglycemic so they suggested that I eat more frequently. So in my opinion, it's really not a bad test and I recommend you eat low carb for the meal prior to the test.
    1569 days ago
    I'm so sorry your mom has been so unsupportive of you and doesn't comprehend how dangerous and detrimental your nephew's behavior is to your girls, and how her actions are causing so much stress in your life. emoticon
    just keep trusting your instincts. You're a great mom. Hope you find more time and new ways to take care of yourself while you're busy being the best dance mom ever
    1569 days ago
  • MAGIK0731
    Thanks for the update on Evie, sounds amazing!!

    emoticon and hopefully the stress in your life will dissipate soon! Stay positive!
    1569 days ago
    Think Positive!
    1569 days ago
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