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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

3 years I have been maintaining, and am still fully dedicated to my healthy lifestyle.

My husband and I went out with some friends on Saturday night. We spent the night so that we could have a few (too many) drinks.

On Sunday morning we got up and headed to McDonald's for a coffee, and man did I ever need one!
McDonald's has this clever nutrition calculator now, so I decided I could get a breakfast wrap as well. While we were waiting for our food and coffee, we tried remembering when I last had any food from McD's. It had been over 3 years, and then it was only a breakfast sandwich before getting on board an 8 hour flight. I have not ate a burger/fries, etc from McD's in probably 5+ years (and I do NOT miss it at all).
So...my husband had ordered a cappuccino for him and a normal coffee for myself. He asked for 3 sugars, while I had my sweeteners in my purse. I opened what I thought was his cappuccino and put his sugars in. When I opened up mine to put my sweeteners in, it was then I realized I put his sugar in my coffee. Ugh! Oh I really needed a coffee after Saturday nights festivities! I sat there with the lid open and debating what to do...

I closed the lid and said 'forget it'. My DH said, 'Wow, that is dedication'. I replied with, 'you see dedication, I see a 10 calorie coffee vs a 150 calorie cappuccino and it's just not worth it'. So there we were, both of us desperately wanting that coffee, but neither being drank. Ha! No way was he going to drink one without his sugar and I wasn't drinking one with!

On the way home (with both coffees full and sitting on my lap ;D), I was thinking how my lifestyle is just that now, I don't even think about it. It's not a choice I make anymore, it's just the way I live. It's all so easy.

I have really came a long ways and it's not just changed my health, but has given me a 'power' to be able to handle anything that is thrown at me anymore. When things try to knock me down, sometimes they are successful...however, never for long. It rarely takes me longer then a day or two to get back up, and most of the time I have my boxing gloves on before my feet hit the ground!

This is your life. You have one chance to get it right. It's never, ever too late.

Stop waiting. Start today. Don't not do it because of the time it will take, time will pass anyway. It took me 40 years to 'get it', and about 8 years to go from beginning weight to maintenance.

This is my first blog, however I have been a Sparker for years...I love this site and it's been a great source for educating me and my healthy lifestyle.
Whether you have just found your way here or got lost and found your way back, stay! You are worth this struggle and everyone has the power within to be successful...EVERY SINGLE HUMAN BEING!
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