McDougall diet part 2

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

I ordered two books, the Maximum Weight Loss and the 2nd cookbook for the McDougall diet.
The MWL book has a lot of great information about how the body works and why people on low carb diets don't keep weight off and crave carbs.
I knew, from being a marathoner, that carbs are the body's first fuel choice. Protein is used only for muscle repair and skin and hair health maintenance, not for energy. People who are starving to death, who don't get enough carbs, lose muscle mass next.
The very last source of energy is fat, and that's only after the carb and protein energy are used up. If you eat fat, it goes straight into storage in the cells and in the body. Period. There is no such thing as a healthy fat. Fat is fat, and that is that. If you use olive oil in your salad dressing, that oil will go straight into cells for storage, it will not be burned off as energy for any reason at any time - not when you're working out, not when you're swimming, or climbing a mountain.
The ONLY way to get rid of body fat is to stop eating any.

As for protein, the average meat-based diet overloads the kidneys with far more of it than the body can possibly utilize. Protein is not stored in the body. What the body doesn't need gets processed as waste. According to Dr. McDougall, the kidneys leach calcium from the bones in order to process all that excess protein, and that's what causes osteoporosis and even kidney stones.

Anyway, tomorrow is weigh-in day for me. I haven't been hungry at all, not one bit, on this diet. I eat until I'm full, and I eat what I want as long as I incorporate the foods I need to eat every day. I eat mainly grains, potatoes, and legumes, and after that lots of greens and other veggies like bell peppers of all colors. I don't portion, or count calories, or weigh anything, and I don't crave what's not on the plan. I haven't wished for a nice pile of nuts or chips or lasagna or whatever. I splurge on bread once a week, but after that I don't wish to eat more bread. That one time a week is plenty, and I predict it will eventually stop being even once a week.
When I go for my training runs, I have no more issues with needing a bathroom... at least I haven't yet. Talking to other vegan athletes, I will try eating potatoes for on-the-run energy instead of energy goo or drink or whatever.

I'm so excited to be on this diet!! It's wonderful to be on a diet where I'm never hungry, don't feel deprived or punished, and it's effortless. Best - it costs no more than I already spend at the grocery, and I even save money because I'm not buying any processed food at all, it's all fresh or whole grain.
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