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Just another weekend in paradise . . . ?

Monday, February 03, 2014

What a weekend. Lots of running around to get things done outside my house on Saturday - after spending over an hour shovelling snow. Came home and washed and dried clothes. Sunday I spent 90 minutes outside with a very sturdy old snow shovel breaking up ice on a sidewalk. I live on a corner, which gives me lots of extra sidewalk to clear of snow. The long portion is on the north side of my house and the stockade fence around the back yard, so it's in shade a lot at this time of year when the sun is so low. That street is a bus route and pretty well travelled for a neighborhood street, so I get lots of splash back onto the sidewalk AFTER I clear it from passing traffic. That freezes up and creates a very lumpy surface of ice, about 1/2 to 3/4 inch thick right now. It is supposed to snow a few inches AND not get above single digits after tomorrow for a few days, so I wanted to clear the walk for folks who need to go for the bus and to make it easier on me clearing up the new snow fall. I cleared about 90 feet of sidewalk of ice, which I broke up using the edge of my sturdy old snow shovel. My right shoulder hurt like heck by the time I was done, since that's the only arm I have to work with on that sort of stuff. There was still about 15 feet left when I stopped, but that is in the part the sun never hits right now and was really frozen solid. heck - it was only up to about 27 here yesterday!

So - I ran to the market to buy chew bones for my dog because she'll have to be inside all week (too cold to leave her outside) and I checked with neighbors in their 90s and picked up a few groceries they wanted and won't be going out in the ice and cold to get. Got home right before 4:00 p.m. and got my sheets in the washer, then got ready for the Super Bowl. We here in Denver had high hopes - which were dashed to pieces in the first 5 minutes or so. What a travesty. Oh well - no reason to watch recaps or call my brothers to cheer manning on, so I made my bed with fresh, soft flannel sheets and climbed in to finish the library book that is due back today. Then I slept.

Cardio dancing, by the way, helps you warm up when you first get home and turn the heat up, but it isn't really warm inside right away. Keep smiling and moving, everybody!

As for this picture - see the handsome man in half-profile behind the two fellows in front who are laughing? That is my late father.

Actually my Dad was something of a star back then. This was a film done during WW-II to get men to join the Army Air Corps/Air Force. My father was in the Air Force and because of his singing ability was selected for a speaking/singing part and performed in the road show that the Air Force sent all over the U.S.A. and he was one of the fellows pictured in the posters for that. Then they went to Hollywood to make a movie and George Cukor and Darryl Zanuck wanted some star power in the leads to get people to watch it. Edmond Obrien, Judy Holliday, Jeanne Crain, Red Buttons, Lon McAllister, Lee J. Cobb, Peter Lind Hayes, Karl Malden, Steve Reeves (later Superman on TV) were all in the film - and so was my dad. Most of the men in it were in the armed services at the time this was made, in 1943-44. You younger folk won't necessarily recognize the names, but a lot of us will know who they are.

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