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Put on Notice by SparkPeople

Monday, February 03, 2014

So, it seems my posts about the fundraiser set up by my daughter offended someone and broke SparkPeople rules.

That was never the intent. If you know me, I never seek to offend, break rules, or cause discord. I'm a Spark Team Leader. I'm a motivator, and generally a pretty gosh darn good person, if I do say so myself. I was raised in a world where, should someone take offense or see a wrong that needs righting, that person should approach the offending party in a kind and friendly manner and try to get it rectified. I guess I live in a different world.

I am hurt, and I am embarrassed. And yes, I am a bit angry. After all of these years being a leader and avid Sparker, I get the following Official Notice in a sparkmail from a Spark Coach:

One of your blog posts was reported for promotion of
Fundraising site:

****I removed the links in the Spark Mail so as not to get in trouble yet again*****

These actions are not permitted as outlined in our Community Guidelines www.sparkpeople.com/resource/m

Thank you in advance for your cooperation in keeping the guidelines in mind as you create user generated content in the future and good luck with your goals. We did not remove your blog but need to ask that you edit it to remove the promotional content.

End of message.

I do apologize if my adding the links to the fundraiser, the facebook page that was set up for me, and to the article written about me in the examiner (removed it because the article has a link to the fundraiser and I don't need to be further chastised) caused someone to either be offended or feel they had to run to the authorities, or both. If I ever do anything remotely offensive or wrong on this site again, I do hope whoever you are will feel you can approach me first, the way grown up folks do with one another. That's all I ask. Thank you.

As always, I love you all. Never give up. Never give in.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Sorry that you were hurt but don't be embarrassed. As I see it that should be taken on by the one that seemed to be offended by your post. People!!!! just can't figure them out!!
    1868 days ago
    emoticon with you in that I, too, was taught that if you disagree with something someone does or says --- then for goodness sake go to them with your concern first.

    I feel sorry for the person who didn't have the common courtesy to approach you first.

    Please don't let their lack of intergrity rob you of another moment of your life --- just let it go --- you have very kindly addressed the condern & it is now over.

    God bless you in all areas of life!

    1869 days ago
    I went back to the post and read that you are having problems with your home, Have you tried contacting Habitat for Humanity to see if they will help you with your home? Just a thought and also the churches too.
    1869 days ago
    What's important is taking care of you! You can do it! Here's to getting Healthy! emoticon

    's Fitness Club, co-lead
    1870 days ago
  • JUNEAU2010
    I was afraid that would happen, but I actually thought you did the right thing. The links would allow someone to navigate off SP, if they choose, and contribute. Sigh....
    1870 days ago
    Haven't read these in quite a while. I knew you couldn't promote a business but did not know about charity fundraisers. And that religion one is broken ALL the time.
    1871 days ago
    1871 days ago
    1871 days ago
    emoticon Don't let it get you down there must be other ways of getting your fundraising noticed emoticon
    1871 days ago
    It's unfortunate that you had to get the official "no" from SP; but I wouldn't take it that seriously. It's really not that big of a deal, from what I'm reading. You didn't mean any harm and didn't realize you were breaking the rules. We all can forget what's allowed--especially when we see others, as POOKASLUAGH said, doing the exact same thing. But, it is what it is. I wouldn't take it as some sort of judgment on your character. It's really not that serious, on either end. Live and learn. Keep it moving.
    1871 days ago
    shame on them ... just keep your spirit up and hold your head high - we all know how amazing you are !
    1871 days ago
    We love you too and that must be a very hurtful experience - I hope the actions of one (or even a few) don't discourage you from staying here with us.
    1871 days ago
    sorry that happened to you...we all make mistakes and you weren't intending to break rules. try not to worry about it or be angry about it...wastes your energy. i know some people prefer to report things directly to SP coaches because they fear retaliation. i've seen some pretty nasty comments in discussion threads before. you just never know what is going on with the person who reported you...i'm not making excuses...it is probably better that you don't know who it is and that you don't have to deal with him/her one on one.

    keep your chin up and keep sparking!

    1871 days ago
    So sorry to hear that someone didn't give you the opportunity to show them the type of person that you truly are and that they involved SP... what a ridiculous reaction to someone's blog!!

    I understand you are a fellow Texan. I live in NW Houston but come to SA often with my family!!

    I know your insurance situation bites but as you say... Never give up, Never give in!! I'm praying for you and this entire situation!!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1871 days ago
    Ugh, people can be so petty sometimes. Good for you for handling it so well. And shame on whoever "tattled" to the SparkPolice without talking to you first! emoticon
    1871 days ago

    So sorry that you had to deal with someone like that. Don't let this get you down. Hold your head up high. There are plenty of us here that support you.
    1871 days ago
    wow. sorry this happened to you! I was actually kicked off SP for a year. I had the audacity to tell a coach they were wrong about something and provide the proof that she was wrong. No sooner than I posted it, I was blocked from SP. No warning, no letter, nothing. I was in the middle of posting in a forum and all of a sudden my screen went blank and I was taken back to my computer desk top. I tried to log back in and it wouldn't let me. I had no idea of what was going on so asked a friend to check into it and all they would tell her is that I was no longer a SP member. Maybe a week later I received an email from them telling me what i had done wrong. About a year later, I seen a link somewhere and clicked on it and low and behold, it actually let me rejoin with same name, password, everything.
    1871 days ago
    Sorry for your discomfort. Some one needs to grow up. I wonder if Spark encourages people to contact you first before they contact you. Hope your daughter is successful in her efforts to raise some money for you. Blessings on your day! emoticon
    1871 days ago
  • DEB62BIE62
    So sorry that someone was offended. You're right, they need to go to you. They were kind of cowardly. I had no problem with you putting it up. If they didn't want to give money, they could have just ignored it. Don't be discouraged or humiliated. The person that complained should be the one that is humiliated. Keep on keeping on.
    1871 days ago
    When I see something like this I privately let that person know about this issue with Spark rules. I let them take the ball.

    Sorry you were tattled on to the SparkPoliceForce.

    I don't know you but I can tell you are a good person and weren't trying to do anything wrong.


    1871 days ago
  • no profile photo LOLABELLA65
    Sorry this happened but keep your head up, baby! You have a lot of support both inside and outside of this group!
    1871 days ago
    Jeesh - sorry that happened to you
    1871 days ago
  • NHES220
    Sorry that happened. I would hope that someone would just approach you and let you know.
    1871 days ago
    Seriously?? That's so ridiculous. I see people posting links to fundraisers all the time, especially centered around campaigns to raise money as they run a race and that sort of thing. I'm so sorry this happened to you, MJ. This is ridiculous. :(
    1871 days ago
  • ADZY86
    What??!! Some people really have too much time on their hands! Why would anyone report it?! When it's for a good cause. So strange. Sorry you had to experience that.
    1871 days ago
    Here's to never giving in!
    1871 days ago
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