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Day 3 - Attempting the Shower

Sunday, February 02, 2014

Okay, so I have not had any more falls since the first night. I was in a panic thinking that maybe I fractured or sprained something and I couldn't feel it because the entire thing was numb. But I have been careful, the feeling has come back to me, and I am more stable. And nothing feels pulled or broken, and _Linda, I am super bendy and flexible. But I can still feel the large bruise on my side from falling against the bathtub.

My shower was great. I sat on a metal folding chair on a towel to keep from slipping. Duct tape closed the garbage bag over my leg so nothing got wet. I have a shower wand so that was wonderful. And I just sat there and let the water spray down on top of me. I LOVED it. My hair needed to be washed... it is the one things that I can not tolerate - a greasy head of hair!

I spent most of my day fixing my mom’s laptop and backing it up. She’s been having troubles with it for a while and since I am just chilling right now I figured I would spend my time and do something constructive for a change. Now I just have to work on my keyboard to see if I can save this POS. I’ve also done about 6 sets of taxes, so there is a little extra money coming in, which is nice.

I went ahead and weighed myself. I was 10 pounds more than I was before surgery. I can’t tell the cast weighs that much, but mom’s been picking my leg up and moving it around since I couldn’t feel it or control it, and she swears it’s at least 10 pounds. And Dad agreed, so it’s probably IS 10 pounds; he’s good at that guessing stuff. I just need to know my weight so I can keep an eye on it while I am subjected to lying around and doing exercises in bed. I can’t even read because I get bored doing that. I gotta finish this one book so I can move on to some light and funny romance antics and switch it up a bit.

Okay, time to get some leg lifts done so I can pass out. I have to do them in small reps because I get worn out quickly with that cast, but I don’t want to lose muscle mass and think I am losing fat. Nope… not me!

Hugs, and thank you all for you for your support and best wishes!
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