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104 Runs Since June

Sunday, February 02, 2014

Since June 2013 I've run 104 times, an estimated 414 miles. That's a whole lot of great running. Honestly I've enjoyed almost every mile. I love getting faster and going farther. I love the companionship of the group runs and getting to go exactly my pace when I run alone. And although many people don't like them, I'm happy to run on the treadmill. I really like the bling and recognition when I place in race. Do I need to give it all up?

Yesterday I had a very good eating day and the scale looked pretty good this morning, even though I sat around still, kind of in shock, babying my injuries for hours yesterday. That is reassurance that I can maintain my 80 pound loss even if I can't or choose not to run again. (OK - I did run 6.2 miles yesterday before I sat around for hours. So I may need a better test.)

This second fall has really got me shook. I've got my arm in a sling to keep from overusing my re-injured left hand. Last time it took about 12 weeks for my hand to regain enough strength to do the arm machines at the Y, but the doctor said it would have healed faster if I had put it in a sling. Worth a try. My mouth, teeth, and chin don't let me forget for a moment my misstep yesterday on a picturesque brick road at sunrise. I'll go tomorrow to the dentist to smooth the chipped teeth, but I'm afraid every time I look in the mirror I'll be reminded of this failure. My knees are sore, too. My feet are still splitting and bleeding; counting down: 12 more doses of steroids. Hubby asked if there is any part of me that doesn't hurt. There are. However, cooking, cleaning, and living is challenging today.

This is probably not the most positive blog I could write today. I'm definitely going to still run, probably on the treadmill, 9 more runs before the Disney Princess HM. And I'm going to run the Senior Games 5K on March 8th. I need to finish these commitments. Then I'll figure out how to proceed.
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    Marsha, I'm so sorry to hear of your fall and injuries! But no, no, no failure here!! How could you even think that?! You have healing to do and decisions to make. But you are a winner whether you continue to run or not. Listen to your body and take your time deciding the next step. Remember it's not just about running; it's about health and being your best self. Running is truly a small part of that, you are so much more. Be well. Hugs.
    1571 days ago
    I have long since left that thought that running might be a good form of exercise - although it is - it is more about who I am now. .... and I doubt a fall or two would change that and somehow I doubt that you will either. ... but it is YOUR DECSION and you must do what is best for you.

    1571 days ago
    You will make the decision about running that is best for you and I bet that when the soreness is gone, it will be to persevere. Maybe. as time goes by, you will have to modify your objectives. Being first in your age group is is great, but the greatest thing about running is that it is physically and mentally stimulating while at the same time being relaxing. Before I started running I pulled both my hamstrings and sprained both my ankles on separate occasions of inattention. For me all competitiveness feeling, are subordinate to my determination not to injure myself.
    1571 days ago
  • GABY1948
    It is a positive are working out your answers and that is's not just sitting back and sulking. THAT would not be you! Look at this smile on this page with the ladybug wings on. I bet that beautiful smile has not changed one bit! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1572 days ago
    Oh, no, I'm so sorry!

    You are a true runner, so I don't think you're going to stop :)

    But maybe you need to cut back a little bit or find alternative places to run. For example, when I was running consistently, I had a hard time on pavement in kept injuring myself. So I switched to trail running and it was great. I almost never injured myself and if you take a fall, the landing is not as bad :)
    1572 days ago
    I fall a lot so I feel your spiritual pain!

    I'm sorry you are having a tough time, but give yourself some time to recover before making any decisions. Take care.

    1572 days ago
    I don't think you can make a decision until you are feeling better.
    1572 days ago
    You've done 104 runs since June - awesome! Good eating day - fantastic! Nice progress on the scale - fabulous! Running 6.2 miles with a fall - courageous! Resting and recuperating sore muscles, injuries and scrapes - wise. Only you know know how you feel and how much time it will take to feel better. You are a super intelligent woman and can make the right choices for yourself - you have already proved that over and over during the last few years. Please don't let an accident derail your plans for the future. You can do this!
    1572 days ago

    Well that just bites! I am sorry to hear of your fall. How is it a failure? Accidents happen all the time. You know that racing is about mental endurance not the fastest or fittest. My mom has Reynaulds Disease which here fit do what yours do in the winter and she takes it just during the cold of winter. It is a circulation issue but she is in pod health , weighs about 104 and eats well. Does your illness have a name?

    Get better soon!

    1572 days ago
    Sorry for the fall....hope you feel better soon. emoticon
    1572 days ago
    1572 days ago
    So sorry to hear about this mishap. I know for sure how awful I feel when I fall. I will be going along just fine and hit a cobblestone the wrong way and down I go....bruises and scap and cuts. I feel so bad as I climb back up again. And this is not running but walking...but my excuse is the cobblestones. My ankles just aren't as strong as they used to be and give out at times when off centered on a stone.
    But I will not give up my 4 mile per day walks with the dogs. I just hope that I don't break something someday as I know I have osteopathist. Anyway so glad you are still hitting the treadmill and enjoy it. I know you as a runner now and I think you will get back in the swing of it. Happy thoughts.
    Go Seahawks!
    1572 days ago
    I'm so sorry you fell. Be aware that you're still in shock...not the best time for far-reaching decision-making. I'm glad you're going to take some time to recover and finish your committed runs before you make any sweeping decisions about your running future. I suspect you'll get through this and find a way to be safe while enjoying your passion.

    By the way, not every blog has to be full of sunshine. We share what's going in in our lives. Your blogs are always worth reading.
    1572 days ago
    but yeah, i think running in daylight might be a wise idea (i do). i also skip a run when i'm really tired from too much work/not enough sleep, because i think that makes me more likely to fall. and having to skip the run makes me more likely to get enough sleep!
    1572 days ago
    Marsha — as someone who falls … not so infrequently … sometimes i don't hurt myself at all, except for my self-confidence … and sometimes I do. i don't think — at least for me — mindfulness prevents falls, although i will say i never fall in the same place twice. but i'm not close to ready to give up running for it. i just keep trying to pay more attention … and i do find i mostly fall somewhat better — the first two times i cut my forehead open, but since then i've managed to get my arms down to protect myself … so except for the broken knee (and i was walking then, not running — not even run/walking) … i fall better. i think about it too much — but i guess i need to to avoid it.
    anyway what Catherine said … it's not a failure, it's something that happens. (i was just reading about doctors who bicycle, who say that the issue is not if you'll wipe out, but when) … but i'd rather hurt myself occasionally and pick myself back up than get scared into going back to doing nothing. you can do it!
    1572 days ago
  • LEWILL1982
    Girl, you've got this! Allow yourself a couple of days to take it easy. If you have 2 weeks until the 1/2 marathon, you can still take a rest day or two or 3! I learned that over the holidays. With all of your running that you do, you will be just fine for the 1/2. I don't look at this as a failure; a set back to your plans, maybe, but nothing to fret over! Chin up and have a happy day!
    1572 days ago
    How in the world is a fall in the dark a "failure"? This sort of judgmental attitude towards yourself is a bigger problem than the fall, imho.
    1572 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/2/2014 9:53:07 AM
    You've logged 104 runs since June, you ran 6.2 miles yesterday, you fell down and hurt yourself, and that's a failure? What am I missing here?

    Your enthusiasm and excitement for your hard earned active lifestyle comes across in every blog you post. I truly doubt that this latest misstep (and that's really all it is) will keep you from running for the rest of your life. You WILL heal.

    1572 days ago
    1572 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1572 days ago
    emoticon It is a positive reflection of your running thus far and hope for the future with alternatives to running.

    Good luck tomorrow. emoticon
    1572 days ago
    It sounds like you need a little pampering time just for you. You are so active - are you able to slow yourself down to heal? Because you are so strong physically you will heal quickly - of that I have no doubt!
    1572 days ago
    emoticon As Positive41 says below, this is a positive blog... it is a careful blog of remembering achievements, recognizing current challenges, and hope for the future. You owe yourself the time to recover both physically and emotionally, and it's OK if every day you don't wake up saying "I am invincible". It's OK to recognize "today I hurt".

    You are one of the strongest, bravest, most positive folks I know, Marsha. Take care of you, because you are precious... and there are a boatload of us Spark Folks, right here, to remind you, lest you forget that little gem!

    emoticon emoticon
    1572 days ago
    1572 days ago
    Take a rest day so those injuries can heal properly. You still have time to train. HUGS!
    1572 days ago
    I think this was positive blog - it's about progress and consistency. Alot of people would have given up under less challenging circumstances - but not you! Good luck with your 1/2 M.

    1572 days ago
    Marsha, you are so strong and one of my moyivators for trying. Rest my friends rest. I did not know you are running the Princess 1/2thon. How cool are you!!!!!! I know I was running on brick road yesertday and almost took a dive. A few ladies did, but they got back up and continued on the finish line.

    Take care and do not over do it.
    1572 days ago
  • _LINDA
    Oh Marsha, so very sorry you have all these roadblocks in your way. You ought to look for a lotion designed to heal split feet -I have trouble with heels getting badly cracked because I always lay in one position, on my back. Its called Miracle Foot Repair -it has 60% pure ultra aloe and it also relieves itching and pain. Hopefully the sling will help with your hand healing faster, maybe also using a support brace is in order too when having to do chores or any other activities -maybe you need to see an occupational therapist to get fitted..
    Maybe hubby can help with some of the chores while you recover? You need to look after yourself and allow proper healing..
    Feel better soon,
    1572 days ago
    I was hoping you would post before I left for church. I was wondering how you were doing after the fall.
    "Not the most positive blog?" Do I understand that you ran 6.2 yesterday? And that was AFTER you are sore all over?
    That's positively an inspiration to me. Your attitude will get you through this.
    Hang in there!

    1572 days ago
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