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First Half Marathon: Race Recap

Sunday, February 02, 2014

On January 19, I completed my first 1/2 marathon. This has been a goal of mine for as long as I can remember (see my last post). I did the Tinkerbell 1/2 at Disneyland. Here's my recap:

In preparing for the race, my running buddy and I had done most of our training together and were so excited to do this race together. Our families are close friends, so it was perfect. We didn't dress in costume, but we did wear matching shirts (Raw Threads "Believe" shirt with wings on the back) and matching Tinkerbell-green headbands. We looked pretty cute, I must say ;)

The race itself went so well. I felt great all 13.1 miles of it. The first 6 miles were through DIsneyland and California Adventure, so those wizzed by. The second half was through Anaheim neighborhoods. My absolute favorite part of the race was the last .1 mile - after hitting 13, knowing there was only .1 left, I got such a boost and was able to "fly" right in. I loved it.

Let me describe the course. The course was lined with awesome spectators, school bands and cheer squads, people holding all kinds of signs - funny, motivational, and ones that made me cry. The most motivational signs were those that reminded us runners to be thankful that we had the ability to run. For me (a woman who has had two brain surgeries and is awaiting another), that was all the motivation I needed.

Signs that cannot go unmentioned:

"Just because you have headphones on, farts are not silent"
"Hurry up, mom! Dad didn't feed us!"
"I trained for 6 months to hold this sign!"
"You're looking hot!"
"As a cancer patient, I thank you"
"Don't whine now, wine later"
"Run because you can"
"One day you won't be able to run - today is not that day"
"Don't trust a fart!"

Crossing the finish line was, admittedly, not as I had expected. I was so certain I would cry. I wanted to cry. I wanted to be overwhelmed by my accomplishment. But, I didn't really feel much emotion other than being excited that I had made it. I got my medal (which is awesome and pretty and heavy), ran to my son who was so excited to not only see me, but to also see what snacks they gave me emoticon , and to see my friends who had already finished, but still waited 45 minutes (!!!) for me - true friendship, right there, I tell you!

From there, I realized that I needed to lay down. And it needed to be fast. We went to the hotel room, passing up offers to get breakfast with friends, I laid down in the bed, realized I was going to be sick, and I puked. Then I puked again. I was so shocked - I had felt fine while running, so what was going on? I eventually ealized that I hadn't eaten during the run (other than a handful of pretzels and craisins) and I had barely drank anything (it wasn't hot, so I didn't think about being thirsty). I was dehydrated. Completely. After about an hour of drinking water (slowly!) and power aid, I was good to go. We hit up a Mexican all-you-can-eat brunch where I enjoyed all-you-can-drink champagne. The rest of the day was amazing.

Next weekend I am doing a Sweetheart 10K, then another 1/2 marathon is in March. My training now isn't focused on running and making the miles, it's focused on how to eat and drink properly! I do not ever want to feel like I did after Tink!
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