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What is something you own or carry with you that seems contrary to who you are unless ...

Saturday, February 01, 2014

I think that the things we carry... our talismans, juju, bits of bankie (some call it a blankie - go figure!)... whatever you keep near you as a reminder, or a comfort, things that you don't necessarily care to explain to Joe Blow, may well carry insights into all kinds of things, may well offer wee revelations re eating behavious - who knows?

Please tell me, what is something you own or carry with you that seems contrary to who you are unless someone knows the story behind it?

And please, what is the story behind it?

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  • PHOENIX1949
    One of my favorite possessions that always brings a smile to my face is on old, metal, chicken-egg basket. This was used by me, by my mother, by her mother, and by her mother (my great-grandmother) in the hen house built on my immigrants' farm established in 1896. It now sits on top of my refrigerator with some realistic-looking eggs from a hobby shop. I've seen similar items at antique shops for as little as $10, but mine is priceless!

    Thank you for asking this question as it gave me cause to pause and take a pleasant trip down Memory Lane.
    926 days ago
  • BOPPY_
    Memories. Tens. Hundreds. Thousands. Maybe more.

    Of my Grandmother. Of my Mom and Dad. Of my Brother. Of my dear Wife. Of my Daughter. Of my Grandson. Of friends, and colleagues.

    Priceless. Most too personal to mention.

    The ones, not too personal, I often use in my blogs. In fact, I used one, today, in my blog.

    I enjoyed reading the ones, here, though.

    Lee emoticon
    1504 days ago
  • BRENDA_G50
    My dad's wedding band from when he was married to my mom before he got remarried to someone else and then died. My brother got that one.
    1537 days ago
    emoticon It is a key chain that I had made on one of my First Trips to Las Vegas. On one side is a 'Picture' of my Husband dressed as Conan The Barbarian. On the other side is a 'Picture' of me dressed as a Stripper.
    It should be noted that at the time the Key Chain was made, I weighed over 300 pounds and never Dreamed I could lose weight. The pictures were just Our Faces Photo Shopped onto Sexy Bodies.
    1538 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    So-o-o-o-o-o many. Still trying to decide which to write about. Items around home all reflect a fond memory of a person, place, or event. And, after cleaning out parents' home, I inherited the prized items going back to the great-great-grandparents -- nothing extremely valuable dollar-wise but most priceless otherwise.
    1538 days ago
    Just one? My house is full of them.
    In fact, we have a Cabinet of Curiosities that is chock full of such items. . . .

    The Jethro Tull concert program from 1968.
    The metal match box holder that hung above our wood cook stove when I was a child.
    Great grandma's willow table that my dad used to get his studies at when he was a boy.... as well as the kerosene lamp he used to read by.
    The piece of driftwood DH and I found on the beach after the tsunami in Brookings 3 years ago.
    The little glass jug that grandma used to keep on her table for vinegar.
    And a gazillion other things.....
    1538 days ago
    I have some letters and telegrams my father wrote/sent to my mother when he was overseas during WWII. When my husband and I went to France and visited the war memorial at Caen, they had recordings of soldiers reading the letters they wrote home, and I couldn't listen to all of them because they sounded so much like his. I became quite emotional. Anyone who has a chance to visit any of the memorials or graveyards overseas should go, they are incredible.
    1539 days ago
    That's an excellent question that I might borrow for my blog... and a question that will require some thought on my part.
    1539 days ago
  • GENRE009
    I have one of those card board jewelry boxes, that is maroon. It is kind beat up, yet when I open it, there comes the smell of the crème Neiva. I don't know how it is that this box has picked up the smell of my mom's crème, that she wore every day. I once gave it to my sister, the Diva, but she called & said she didn't know why I gave her5 mom's jewelry box. now all I have left is pictures. And when I eat fried cauliflower dipped in eggs, that reminds me of her too. I do still have a sculpture she made, but it's so modern I don't feel it reflects her as much emotionally. With my dad, it's an old wool scarf slightly beat up, and a silk scarf. He was that kind of a person. He tried to be down to earth, but was so caught up in his life style it killed him. eva
    1539 days ago
    I have my father's WWII helmet--he was a tank commander for most of his days in that war. The helmet is like the very old football helmets used to be--mostly leather with a hardened shell, part of the radio thingamajiggy is still attached. He died the day after I graduated from college--never woke up the next day. It sits on my bookshelf as a bookend. The other thing is an old sock monkey my sister made for me. When she first gave it to me, I thought it was silly. But guess what? It's still on my shelf. She took her own life after a serious bout with breast cancer. The cancer was part of that, although she had recovered from the illness, but she had other things going on that I had no clue about. Or maybe I knew and didn't want to think about it? Anyhoo, the monk is still there and makes me think of Melinda every time I see it, an odd mix of guilt and love. Whoa, sorry to be such a downer, emoticon and thanks for the blog!
    1539 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/2/2014 8:17:07 PM
    odd coins I've picked up in my travels to different countries.
    locks of my sons 1st hair cuts. their baby booties sentiments. glass bead strings for the Christmas tree.... they are over 50 years old and the new plastic ones are longer, but these are just special to me as they were on my tree when I was a girl and mom was going to just throw them out as a lot of each string has missing beads as they broke...just a bit of history but they are unique and hopefully future generations will marvel at GLASS Christmas beads.
    1539 days ago
    I have many - some I hold onto as I reminder of a loved one who has passed , an old jean jacket that has seen many concerts and tons of fun. A antique perfume mirror that belonged to my great , great grandmother - my sons hospital bracelet from when he arrived into the world. Many other tiny possessions that would only be dear to me , that 's pretty the jest of it - but I do feel that I have in the past hung on to emotional crap that has hindered the release of weight ?? Good question - Hugs K
    1540 days ago
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