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Saturday, February 01, 2014

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I haven't been blogging often because I'm active with my Beyond the Scale team, the "Pink Pirates." I don't feel I have a lot to say -- I'm just chugging along here in my little corner of the Spark Universe.

I had a pretty good January. It wasn't perfect, but that helps me battle the "perfectionism" tendencies that tend to paralyze me.

In January I lost 8.7 pounds, so ALL of the weight I put on during my three-week vacation to Europe and Massachusetts. In hindsight I WOULD like to learn to do better on vacations -- does it ALWAYS have to be feast or famine in my life? But this one's behind me, no regrets, moving on.

I've been back to the fitness center on a regular basis. Not doing the six classes a week I had hoped for, but a few classes have been "out" because of injury and weather cancellations. In addition to the classes, TC and I are doing a lot of walking in preparation for a half marathon on February 16.

My eating has been on track all month with the exception of 5 days when I was so awful I didn't even track! My goal for February will be to reduce the number of "off" days.

Here's the best news! I got two unsolicited compliments in two different settings about my appearance last week! I'm just all warm and fuzzy about that!

Looking at last year's calendar I see that on February 1, 2013 I weighed 19.8 pounds more than I do today. That makes me very, very happy.

I'm SOOOOO over the idea that if I don't lose 10 pounds a month it's "useless". I CAN lose weight, but it has to be done slowly, in a way that's sustainable for ME. This is MY journey, and my way is not everyone's way. But I feel good and am happy with where I am.

My goals for February are to keep doing the same things I've been doing: track, get 15,000 steps most days, continue fitness classes, and lose a few pounds in the process.

I am in a good place. I have confidence in my abilities. I haven't been this thin or looked this good in 15 or 20 years. I am stronger than I've ever been. I am enjoying many unique opportunities to challenge myself, such as hiking the Inca Trail last September. New goals and challenges await in 2014!

To all my Sparkfriends who are at goal, and have been for years, thank you for your example. Thank you for shining a light on YOUR path that has helped lead the way. Thank you for the message that it IS possible and fun and sustainable and ever so worth it.

To all my Sparkfriends who are still on the journey to their sustainable weight and healthy, strong body, keep persevering! It IS possible and it WILL happen as long as you don't give up.

No matter where we are on the path we've chosen, let's make February a month of which we can be proud!

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