Losing weight no longer feels like a big accomplishment

Thursday, January 30, 2014

I used to think that once I lost weight everything would fall into place. That dream guy I had been waiting for would magically appear--I would land my dream job and my confidence would be limitless. Although I did get a promotion--calling it my dream job would be an exaggeration and I am still single! However, my confidence has improved dramatically.... but I still have days when I do not feel my best. Despite my status and my career pretty much remaining the same, 80 lbs ago I was a completely different person--someone who was incredibly unhappy with who she was, and the only thing that ran through my mind was that if I "got skinny" I would be happy and everything would be perfect. Things are NEVER perfect, but they have changed, a lot, and for the better. Now, that I have lost weight I finally feel free and am allowing myself to focus on other things. Things that make me happy and things that will improve my life. Things that challenge me and better me as a person. Although remaining healthy will always remain at the top of my list, there is so much more I yearn to accomplish now and it is sad to say that it was my lack of confidence in myself that has held me back all these years. Now there is so much more that I want to set out to accomplish, and it no longer revolves just around losing a lb or two.
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  • TIGER_LILY_613
    Bravo on your weight loss. I salute you for achieving a loss of 80 lbs. It takes planning, patience and dedication. I am certain that you will be able to take on your next adventure, no matter what it may be.

    Thanks also for sharing this post. It's an important topic.

    I too used to believe that everything would magically fall into place once I lost the weight. Then I read many Spark blogs that showed me that this wouldn't be the case. Thanks to blogs like yours, I decided to start tackling my issues early on.

    The majority of the change I have experienced during this journey took place when I realized that the weight was the result - not the cause - of issues I hadn't dealt with. I stopped blaming my weight for everything, asked for help, and the SparkCommunity rallied. Thanks to them and my real life friends, I have been able to grow, gain confidence, and move forward.

    I wish you much success in whatever project you take on next. This is an exciting time for you, full of potential and possibilities. Best wishes to you !!!

    1543 days ago
  • 13UST_IT
    I'm guilty of assuming that somehow if I could just get down to my goal weight everything would be better. I love your attitude... it's almost like a carpe diem kind of thing. Why wait to be happy? Why wait to make your dreams come true? Thanks for the reminder!
    1546 days ago
    You are awesome! I think many of us were guilty at some point thinking "if i were just skinny everything will be perfect." When I realized that my life would be the same (in many ways), just in a smaller, healthier body, that is when I learned to be happy in general and with life. And some things did change, like my self esteem going up and my confidence coming back slowly but surely, and as you mentioned I am much happier now. So there are definitely some perks, and we just have to have hope the rest will fall into place. (I'm still single too lol) emoticon
    1547 days ago
    This to me is a great post. It just goes to show you that losing weight is so much more than just the numbers. Psychologically, weight gain ( at least to me anyway because I am no expert here) is a result of suppressing things that we have trouble dealing with. It's kind of a protective shield in a way. It becomes easy to hide behind the weight and blame the weight for why we can't do this or that. It allows us to avoid the real issues at hand because now the weight is the issue. ( this is not to dismiss any medical issues that may result in weight gain)

    I think your blog on this topic is extremely important and needs to be shared with others so I for one will be sharing! =)

    Best wishes to you on you journey and know that even though losing the weight may no longer feel like a big has accomplished something very big for you... insight and self - awareness. You want more out of your life and are ready to go for it. You can only go up from here =) emoticon emoticon
    1547 days ago
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