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Focusing on my high blood pressure

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Per Dr. Fuhrman's eating plan, I have been trying to eat more and more vegetables for over a year now. But my blood pressure is quite high. It was fine till I was about 60, then it gradually went higher.

I am on two BP meds. I am now keeping track of BP at home for 2 weeks. (Avg. 150/85) I am disappointed that it is so high. OK, my weight is still 250. (24 lb. loss over 3 years) I do water aerobics often-for years. (Avg. 2.3 times a week for a certain 3 year period).

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    1601 days ago
    Less salt was a big help for me. There is an up side to no salt as my husband says he can now really taste food.
    1601 days ago
    Dr. Oz Show Fans team leader
    1601 days ago
  • FROSTY99
    Whatever you do, continue to take the meds. Talk to your dr-some meds don't work for some people. My DH had very high BP and it took almost 2 years to find what combination of drugs would work for him but because the DR didn't push early on, he now has kidney damage and it is a very tight rope we tread. I agree that salt is often a key issue but it isn't for everyone. My DH now takes 2 pills in the morning and 2 more in the evening and if it is elevated one at noon, if not he gets to skip that one. I hope you and your dr can work this out and get your BP down to safer levels.
    1601 days ago
    Hello CT.
    May I point to success tools from other high blood pressure changing tips?
    Meditation moments to change the stress thinking old patterns; things like
    Tapping do encourage first thought retraining then become instant shifts from negative thinking to positive delight.
    Brain food to cool the want to fly off the handle like Co-Q-10 and 5HTP,
    Hawthorne berry,
    Chlorella green food in scoops or capsules,
    Cups of green tea instead of coffee for the L-theanine amino acid sooth (as offered to cancer stress patients,
    Few grams of omega fatty acids supplements per daily recharge and nerve repair
    Use these as guided by a naturopathic specialist to revive vitality of tired nerves from all that stress feeding action.
    emoticon emoticon
    1601 days ago
    Chris, take care my BP is 150/80 and it is ok for my age…..not at yours. I agree with all the advice given…..no salt no starch….

    1601 days ago
    emoticon your blood pressure is high. emoticon It is a trick thing!

    This is just a suggestion but I heard that cinnamon every day is good for lowering high blood pressure and cholesterol. I sprinkle it in every cup of coffee in the morning. I don't know if it works but I think I like it even if I don't need it for high blood pressure.
    1601 days ago
  • LIS193
    1601 days ago
    Hang in there. I agree, blood pressure is a tricky beast. You will find the recipe that works for you. I just know it!
    1601 days ago
    Chris, are you monitoring your sodium intake for EVERY bite you take? That's what we had to do with my father in law and of course increase his water intake. My Dr has me drinking 1/2 my body weight in water ounces..... I weighted 322 this morning so I have to drink 160 oz today. It's working ......
    1601 days ago
    Blood pressure is tricky to figure out. I got a home cuff because in the doctor's office it seems I have white coat syndrome. It soars when I am there. But I went on a medication that had me bottom out.

    You have been so good at this eating plan. It's frustrating to not see results. I am not very updated about foods and blood pressure but I bet is you put out a thread asking for help you'd get lots of responses to ponder. I know that I was low on magnesium because I drank a lot of water too quickly all the time... also calcium. It amazes me how one little thing can cause my body to seize up and decided not to move (weight wise). I can't wait for spring. I have to celebrate all your water exercising. It's wonderful to have a yellow ducky buddie.
    1601 days ago
    Do what it takes to take care of you!!!
    1601 days ago
    Sometimes it just takes a while to find the right combination of meds for each person. You're heading in the right direction - just keep going!
    1601 days ago
    I cut salt almost out of my diet
    1601 days ago
    Taking it seriously is a MAJOR first step toward dealing with it. Pay attention to those numbers and keep taking your medicine.
    1601 days ago
    Hang in there--you'll find what works for you. BP does tend to climb as we age. My doctor wants me to avoid stress. Has she ever spent a day with fourth graders? That's probably why my BP is lower in the summer. LOL I will say meditation helps me.
    1601 days ago
    Take care of that, we wan you around for awhile here!
    1601 days ago
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