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Good Decisions Despite the Hunger (2014 - Blog #27)

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My day went by so so fast! I had a report to get done, a training to do, a bombardment of staff in my office, and then my under-the-weather daughter called because she wanted some of mom's vegetable soup.

Fortunately, I had made time for a very good breakfast that kept me from snacking badly in the morning. I had a bag of carrots and another bag of celery to munch on in the car. By lunch though, I was starving and made the good decision to eat during the training. But even with that, I was darn hungry when I stopped by the market to pick up a few veggies for the veggie soup.

AND HERE WAS MY TEST! Would my resolve and mental toughness get me through this awesome store (kind of like a Whole Foods) with the kinds of goodies I really do like? For sures, the stars were trying to conspire against me.
#1 I was hungry - tummy was a-growlin'.
#2. I was tired! I was thinking that a good pick me up had a lead ingredients -- sugar.
#3. I had run out of good snacks.
#4. Did I mention I was hungry!
#5 and finally - This store is full of things that should be eaten in moderation (at minimum).

But I remembered a key concept from Mental Toughness: Was I going to let my child-like rationalization and emotional reaction to the good foods take over? or not?

And I decided, without any looking back and with a sense of calm, that I could go through the gauntlet and live to tell the tale.
Yeah.. the chocolates did look good.
Yeah.. the small of fresh bread did waft awfully close.
Yeah.. there was a little naggy "but I want some" voice at the edge of my resolve.
AND YEAH! I was aware of those thoughts and I decided to simply let them be.

So, in spite of the hunger which is a deadly place for me to be, I made the decisions that felt right. I feed that hunger later with a apple and oooooh it tasted GREAT!

Have a day of good choices.. in spite of the challenges tossed your way.

"Success consists of a series of little daily victories."
Laddie Hutar

MANTRA: Every opportunity is a choice. Every choice is an opportunity. (me)

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