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Monday, January 27, 2014

I am very excited to start on my new challenge...8 weeks of JNL Fusion. It's one more amazing thing about SparkPeople because I would have never heard about it if it weren't for a SparkFriend of mine. We were in the group Torture Chamber together and she'd list her workouts as I would mine (TurboFire and then T25) and the titles to hers sounded awesome., Shoulder Shredder, Kiss my Abs, Upper Body Transformation, Bicep BUilder, etc. What is this JNL Fusion you speak of??? I was so used to BeachBody. I don't watch infomercials because I choose to not have cable so other than FB and on here I don't really hear about new workout video trends. I had borrowed my BeachBody Coach's ChaLean Extreme just to be disappointed. Now don't get me wrong I am not saying it is a bad program and it actually is probably an amazing program but I was frustrated with my first workout because I couldn't switch up my weights fast enough and after my workout I felt no burn at all. I'm sure if I went back and tried it again I'd have different results but anyhoo.. So I wanted to add in more strength. I LOVE to run and I love my TurboFire HIIT workouts but there are only 3 strength videos and only two work my arms, none focus on my butt and I had done them so many times I don't think they were really working me anymore. THen T25, it only had one arm DVD. I love T25 I'm not giving it a bad review I Just feel it is a huge focus on cardio which is great for the winter and to spice things up but my jist is I wanted STRENGTH training that I could do at home.

I did more research and found that not only was Jennifer a weight loss success but she is also a fitness model. Um yes please, you obviously know your stuff to which I do not! I also want videos that are around 30 minutes as it makes it much easier to fit into my day. Upon research I found that most DVD's are 30 minutes, some less and only a couple that are more with the longest one being only 37 minutes. Yes please, my soulmate workout it seems.

I figure now is the best time to start a program. I can't run outside because it is horrible freezing weather in Iowa right now. It's after the holidays and even if my slip wasn't huge it was still a slip and I can tell the difference. I'm ready to be eating fully healthy again and focusing on a program that'll lead me into spring strong. So I get my package in the mail and I couldn't have been happier. I ordered the Advanced version that came with three extra DVD's for working out in a hurry (two 9 minute ab videos and a 10 minute total body) and cordless jump rope. There are three videos focusing on arms alone, a butt one, a leg one and lower body, upper body, cardio, fat blast, etc. A schedule comes with it for 8 weeks working out 6 times a week. It goes Monday through Saturday but I wanted Saturday off instead of SUnday so I started it last night (Sunday).

Day one did exactly what the title says..Shoulder Shredder. I had been using 8 pound weights for T25 but this was intense so I had to drop down to 5 pound weights. Fine with me as I have 3, 5, 8 and 10 pound weights so it gives me flexibility and you can use bands as well which I have three. ANd I'm sore, good sore and I've missed that feeling. Tonight is Fusion lower body. I'm anxious as I feel that since I quit running I've lost a lot of form of my butt and there are like three DVD's focusing on the lower body as well.

Will I look like this at the end of 8 weeks? We shall see:) I will check in once a week with my thoughts, progress and reviews

Update: 1/29/14 OK so it hasn't been a week but I'm ready for an update anyway. This program kicks ass..and in a good way. After my shoulder workout and then the lower body workout the next day I felt like I'd been in a car accident where I was rear-ended. Today I'm limping. But not in a bad way like I hurt myself, in the way that muscles were worked that haven't been touched in how long like my legs, back and lower stomach. I was so sore yesterday I skipped Cardio blast. I regret skipping a workout though and wish I'd subbed it for a stretch DVD or a walk. Preferably a stretch one because I think it would have helped with the tightness and soreness. So lesson learned, if I feel like this again I'm doing a stretch one, either JNL's or T25. And I think on my off day which would be Saturday I'll be doing one. I wouldn't mind a massage either. Ohh boyfriend....lol

Update: 2/27/14
SAdly I have had to take a break from my schedule as I had to with T25 becuase of my knee. I am in physical therapy and it seems to be doing better but I am leary of hurting it more so I've stepped back. I can say this program is AMAZING. I love it and it's making me look great. I still squeeze in the stomach workouts and any related to arms with minimizing my use of my knees I just can't follow the day in day out schedule. I want my knee better for running season and I don't want permanant damage so I have to be smart. Like I said it's doing wonders, just check out the picture I posted recently where I have a green/blue dress on..I have actual guns now! Feminine but still guns and I'm so proud. So if I could even realistically follow the full schedule without knee complications I can only imagine my results! I will be back:)
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  • no profile photo CD14334576
    If I go too long without doing one of her lower body workouts I can't sit on the toilet for the next 2 days.
    2635 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3876543
    2648 days ago
  • DS9KIE
    2649 days ago
    This looks like a great program. I'll be following you to see how you like it. I love strength workouts I can do from home so I might have to try this one out in the future.

    BTW, glad you weren't severely hurt in your accident!
    2653 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1506126
    Good luck.
    2659 days ago
    Wow! This sounds like a great program. Keep us posted! I'm interested! emoticon
    2659 days ago
  • no profile photo CD11893516
    I am intrigued by that woman on the jnl fusion sign.

    Good luck and yes changing it up is great!
    2659 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/28/2014 9:33:08 AM
  • SLEE103
    oooooh I'm intrigued! I'll have to keep up with your posts to see what you think. I'm currently doing Insanity and I KNOW I'll want to switch up my routine to more strength training once I'm done.
    2659 days ago
    hmmm ive been pretty disappionted lately with beach body...you'll have to keep us updated!
    2659 days ago
    JNL sounds like a great workout series! Keep us posted on your progress. I'm always very impressed with how you keep up with your workout programs, even if you feel like you slipped a little bit after the holidays. Great time to start something new :)
    2659 days ago
    Sounds like an awesome program. I have also found a distinct lack of upper body videos out there. I love JM Killer Abs and Killer Bun and Thigh, but there is now Killer Arms/Back?

    I will definitely have to add this to my future dvd wish list! Thanks for the review! (And I also hate not having time to "set up" as in grabbing my weights and getting into position...seriously they can't give you 5 extra seconds?).
    2659 days ago
    Wow looks like an awesome program! It would be nice to have those results! :)
    2660 days ago
    Wow, that sounds excellent! I love adding new things into my fitness routine!
    2660 days ago
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