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A Walk in the Park

Monday, January 27, 2014

On Sunday i decided I had enough of the "rest" ordered my my doctor - I had my wisdom teeth removed on Thursday. I needed to get OUT...i needed to get up off the couch and just move and feel alive again. The vicodin i'm on is just knocking me out and i'm tired of sleeping the days away. I looked ta my fitness calendar and 9 miles were on the agenda for the day. I'm 8 weeks out from the HM and my friend that is doing her 1st HM was on her way to my place to pick me up. Neither one of us thought i'd last the entire 9 miles. So we decided we'd go until i said i had enough.

The day could not be any more perfect. It was 71 degrees out with a light breeze. The trails we decided to walk (not run because that would have been too much for me) were mainly flat. So all the elements aligned for me.

Driving over there i was still groggy from the meds i've been taking but I knew i'd be ok if i went slow and listened to my body. If i got dizzy i'd stop and rest and turn back.

The body and the mind don't always work together. My body wanted to stop throughout the walk because i was tired, groggy and a bit dizzy. Not so much that i couldn't continue on. My mind kept telling me to just go a little further. So i did. At the 4.5 mile mark i stopped and took a 5 minute break. I ate a GU (it has never tasted so good! I'm still on liquids and soft foods until Saturday - no chewing or sucking of drinks allowed). I started back towards the car.

My friend started laughing. When i asked what was so funny she said she thought for sure i wouldn't have made it. She said once we hit mile 3 she KNEW i wasn't going to stop. Have i mentioned that I'm hard headed?

Here's what i really took away from this 9 mile walk. While i love, love, love that my friends are willing to walk or run with me regardless of the miles i so desire my own family to walk or run with. On those trails there were husbands and wives walking, holding hands. Or there were couples running and encouraging or challenging one another. There were whole families walking or riding their bikes together. I'd love a piece of that for my own life. It did not make me just made me realize that i have a strong desire for family and what i'm looking for in a spouse is ever growing.

I've dated men that have no real desire to workout together or to even workout on their own. I can't have that for myself. I need someone with like minded goals.

Every walk/run is an adventure. I go into it thinking about the miles but i ALWAYS walk away from it with a better sense of who i am and what i want.

My one side is really swollen from the wisdom teeth extractions
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