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Need to get back to a schedule

Monday, January 27, 2014

I have been really off kilter with my schedule lately. I have been going to bed late and sleeping later which makes me feel rushed all day. I have a tendency to do my fitness after I do all my chores for the day.....which makes me feel energized which makes me stay up later.....see the pattern here? I have tried getting up earlier but then I am just tired and cranky. I think I am going to have to put in my fitness minutes sometime in the afternoon and let my chores wait until I am done. I also think I will move my bedtime up 15 minutes each night this week and see how that works. Thanks for listening. Have a great week everyone!!
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    I know you will adjust to the best schedule suited for you. You are a fighter girl and you know you need that exercise to keep your endorphins happy and swimming around your brain!

    Go for it girlfriend...make it your 'me' time. I'm so unbelievably PROUD of me~self for sticking to this new diet plan. It's working in spite of the CRAZY amounts of food I eat. Happy nourished body...happy to let go of some fat stores. That seems to be the premise.

    Hugs to you and keep on keepin' on! emoticon emoticon

    We are TEDDY BEAR proud! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1541 days ago
    Mo I hope you are getting enough sleep and adjusting you internal clock.
    1542 days ago
    I hear you! I have no schedule at all right now and it's killing me. Have you made any changes?
    1543 days ago
    My first thought was, "get a housekeeper!" -- But then, that was my thought for ME when I think of all the chores I have let go by undone. Yikes! It's a balancing act of sorts -- I hope you find what works best to get your schedule back in sync. Hug, hug -- Evelyn
    1546 days ago
  • _RAEVEN_
    The last time I had major success with weight loss it was a simple matter of not allowing myself on the computer until my workout was complete. Its amazing how hard a person will push to get something they want. emoticon
    You can do this honey!!!! It just takes some thought a few test runs to find what works for you.
    1546 days ago
    Sounds like a good plan to readjust! Just remember to make YOU a priority. Put yourself on the calendar. You're even more important than the chores! Honest! Yes the bills need paid, groceries gotten, clothes cleaned... BUT if you don't take care of you, then who will do the chores?

    I have the same problem with workouts too. I can't sleep if I do it too late. Now I switched it up so that as soon as I come home I put on my workout gear and go to it for at least 30 minutes. If I get more, great! If not, well that's okay too. At least I get in the 30. Then comes everything else... It works most of the time! Sometimes things like orthodontist appointments mess me up though...

    Maybe we should start a Teddy Bear Sleepy Anonymous or something? LOL!
    1546 days ago
    Ah, I have been having that issue lately as well! I used to wake up early, do some Sparking, then some exercise, then clean house & maybe exercise some more after that. But lately, with being sick I am so out of my routine. Let's hope we both find it soon!
    emoticon emoticon
    1546 days ago
    I know just what you mean. I try to get a good bit of my exercise/activity in early in the day because otherwise it gets me kind if wired if I do it too late in the day. I tend to be nocturnal anyhow, so I have to be careful about getting myself to sleep early enough to be up no later than 6:00 a.m. to get the critters fed and a bit of workout done and get myself to work on time.

    If the workout energizes you, why do you wait until after your chores? Why not before them? Just curious. Meanwhile, they say it is best if you go to sleep and wake up the same time every day. Find times that work to provide you with adequate sleep and start making those your goals. If you hit them every day for several weeks, it will start to be a habit. Good Luck!
    emoticon emoticon
    1546 days ago
  • JUSTME29
    I need to figure out my schedule too, but in my case it's more a matter of fitting everything in than trying to reset my clock. Moving fitness ahead of your other chores makes sense, but if you're like me it's hard to self-justify moving something you "want" to do ahead of something you "need" to do. No matter how much we need exercise, somehow is always gets moved to the bottom of the list for me and then suddenly it's too late to start.

    Let us know how it works for you this week.
    1546 days ago
    That sounds sensible!
    1546 days ago
    Hopefully your plan works.... keep on keeping on...
    1546 days ago
    Sounds like you have a great plan. emoticon All the best.
    1546 days ago
  • LYNCHD05
    It is good when we take the time to think about how we are doing and how we can do better. I know you will work it out and do what is best for you.
    You are an awesome Teddy and I know you will be successful!!!!
    1547 days ago
    You my dear friend need your rest as you know. I think your plan to move your exercise time early in the day and bedtime gradually earlier in the evening is great. I've gotten my biological clock out of whack before too. It takes consistency to get it back to normal. Would doing your workout in the middle of your planned chores help? Just a suggestion. I thought since your workout energizes you, that it would also help to get the second half of chores done more quickly. Maybe you won't run out of steam. Work your plan kiddo and stay rested. emoticon
    1547 days ago
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