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Early morning musings

Saturday, January 25, 2014

It is 4a.m. and I am awake....
emoticon I have a stuffy nose and wanted some decaf tea with honey.
Some rest and I should be good to go for next week. emoticon that you know I am honking my schnoz into a tissue while germing up my keyboard, we can move on now. emoticon

It's been 10 weeks since I started my Health Coaching Course and I can honestly say that I have learned a lot. Honestly, more about myself and other people, and some about how different diets are in general and culturally based - with merit, I might add - but it's more about the whole of the person than the diet that people need to focus on. Very Sparky.

First off - I will say this: I am taking a course where the majority of the people are vegan. and LABELING is rampant among the people I am in contact with- everyone has to put their label on "what they are" - who is paleo, who is tetramarshaterrian (I made that one up) - you get my drift. For those of you who know me....I am a moderate eater - don't deny, eat everything in moderation - eat to feel good, learn what works for your body, etc. etc. I guess if I had to label myself, I am a moderatarian??? LOL After a while, I see humor in reading what people "say they are", especially on a FB group chat, where everyone is chiming in with their opinions....and yes, at times, judging.

I hate that part - as you can see above, I guess I am judging them, but more for them judging others. Does that make sense?

I hate labels...always have... always will. Eat to live people...and move on.

Well, in the course we are told to experiment with different foods, cooking styles, etc. etc....and I am doing that (in moderation of course) emoticon and that part has been pretty cool....along with learning the more eastern philosophies on body types, foods to eat for them, personalities and temperaments. Neat stuff - I highly recommend reading up on it yourselves, especially Ayurveda from India. Yoga enthusiasts probably know about this already.

SO I started eating beets again (not enough to turn beet colored, but I added them to my weekly diet - in moderation - LOL). I grew up eating beats, part of my mom's family culture - heck, her maiden name meant "beet" in Slovak, there must be a connection. I can honestly, I missed them..there is a mom-daughter connection there, that is still there, even though she is no longer here... and it is through one simple root vegetable. Cool huh? Oh, and it's also really really good for you too. emoticon I feel more grounded (as root vegetables tend to do - see? I am learning) and that has been key in handling some of my recent life transition anxieties that pop up from time to time.

ANYwho....I have a test next week - have to finish up a few lectures and assignments, but I'm not really stressing - Having a good Sparkbase has certainly helped me out with this one. :)

I have to continue on my train of thought next brain is starting to hurt...must need to go back to bed and rest! LOL In the meantime: we have food for thought!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Hey Girl!
    Sorry to hear you've got a little something going on, but hopefully you will kick it and bounce right back real soon.

    Your class sounds very interesting. I guess I didn't realize you were physically attending, and just assumed it was on-line. Silly me! Are you taking just the one--or are there others too? I agree, you will make a fantastic health coach!!!!!

    I agree, too, that anytime, you can pick up a little good info here, and a little more there, you will find what works best for you.

    Good for you Girl! You are doing such wonderful things!

    Love ya!
    "Big Sis"
    1606 days ago
  • DALID414
    I hope you wiped down the germy keyboard missy! emoticon

    1606 days ago
  • KANOE10
    I hope you got some rest and feel better. Good luck on your exam. I think your musing were interesting. I also am a moderate eater and do not label myself as one thing or another. The preaching aspect of people can be vexing! I think you would make a great health coach in your future. I am glad you are connecting with the beets. I never grew up eating them but have heard that they are healthy for you.

    Get some rest, Spark friend. You are doing great.
    1607 days ago
    What a fun sounding course! You'll make a great health coach with your more moderate attitude. Thanks for the fun read!
    1607 days ago
  • NUMD97
    I always enjoy your musings, Annie. I see that we are meeting in the middle of the night, for my schnoz must be related to your schnoz =achooo!= and pass me the tissue box.

    Hey, I'm first here! Well, who else besides me Sparks in the middle of the night? If we're both up with cold issues, maybe we should break out the deck of cards. Hmm?

    Food is memory. I can totally relate to what you say here. I was working in Brooklyn, some years back, and went into a Hungarian bakery. I saw that they were selling pogacsas (they are like giant butter cookies in biscuit form) that I haven't seen in over 50 years or so (yes, I am that old), and just had to buy some. Amazing how it transported me back to another place and time. So I totally get your connection to your mother and the beets. At least it is a healthful choice.

    And, yes, I understand judging those who judge. Some folks feel the need to "preach" when they discover something new (to them!) and feel that without them telling us, the world would never know. (Yes, I am sarcastic, sometimes the NYer in me gets the upper hand.) I, too, have little patience for those kind of folks.

    Now that you are working one main job (been keeping up with ya, girl!), it's nice that you can find the time for other pursuits. Sounds like a fun course.

    And with that, I think I'll try the sleep thing again.

    G'nite, AnnieOnLI,

    1607 days ago
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