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HARE & TURTLE Weightloss Challenge - 199 POUNDS lost - Sign up now to join February teams!

Friday, January 24, 2014


Have you all heard the Fable of the Tortise and the Hare? (you will find the story at end of this blog if you need a reminder).

Well now is your CHANCE to sign up for the FEBRUARY weightloss challenge.

This challenge has been so successful for participants in January that we are going to run it for another month - so far the combined teams have lost a total of 199 pounds since 1st January 2014! WOW! WOOHOO!

Here is a snapshot of current weightloss totals that are still being counted:
HARES = 97 pounds
TURTLES = 102 pounds

Looks like the hares took a tiny snooze somewhere along the track during this race and will need to fight hard to make a come-back but there is still time left in the month to do this - meanwhile the turtles are going steady and strong!

We had 61 people sign up for January and are expecting a lot more to sign up in February so don't hesitate - sign up now and join in the fun and motivation!

The way it works is YOU decide if you want to be a Hare and lose weight fast and furious (TEAM AMY) or a Tortise and lose weight slow and steady (TEAM JILL). Once you decide you sign up and log in your weight weekly. The results are based on the team's effort so we don't want you gaining weight as that will negatively affect the teams points - we want you losing weight so we WIN the challenge!

The winning team for that month will receive the trophy! YAY The team leaders will be posting up exercise suggestions, motivation and progress reports and there is also a team thread where we can motivate each other etc.

I am on the HARE team so you are either with me or competing against me. Here is your chance!

Do you need more motivation to kick start 2014? Well here is your chance!

Do you want to lose weight and have fun doing it? Well here is your chance!

Do you want to jump on board TODAY straight away? Well here is your chance!

Do you need a reason to lose some of those Christmas/New Year pounds? Well here is your chance!

Do you enjoy a good challenge? Well here is your chance!

Do you like to be part of a team and be motivated by others? Well here is your chance!

Do you want to reach the end of February 2014 feeling fit and fantastic? Well here is your chance!

Do you want this New Years resolution to go off with a bang? Well here is your chance!

To sign up visit the Hopeful Hearts Breaking Free From Hurts Team and go to the 'Motivation and Team Challenge Section' or contact me and I'll send you a team link.

Then go to either of these threads:

For the emoticon team visit thread 'Team Amy sign up for BWAL challenge'
For the emoticon team visit 'Team Jill sign up for BWAL challenge'.

If you have any further questions you are welcome to contact the Team Captains via their sparkpages:

Team Amy - HARES emoticon

Team Jill - TURTLES emoticon

I have found this challenge to personally be very motivating for me and the pounds are coming off again - as a HARE I want to WIN this! LOL

The Children's Story about the Tortise and the Hare
One of Aesop’s Fables

Once upon a time there was a hare who, boasting how he could run faster than anyone else, was forever teasing tortoise for its slowness. Then one day, the irate tortoise answered back: “Who do you think you are? There’s no denying you’re swift, but even you can be beaten!” The hare squealed with laughter.

“Beaten in a race? By whom? Not you, surely! I bet there’s nobody in the world that can win against me, I’m so speedy. Now, why don’t you try?”

Annoyed by such bragging, the tortoise accepted the challenge. A course was planned, and the next day at dawn they stood at the starting line. The hare yawned sleepily as the meek tortoise trudged slowly off. When the hare saw how painfully slow his rival was, he decided, half asleep on his feet, to have a quick nap. “Take your time!” he said. “I’ll have forty winks and catch up with you in a minute.”

The hare woke with a start from a fitful sleep and gazed round, looking for the tortoise. But the creature was only a short distance away, having barely covered a third of the course. Breathing a sigh of relief, the hare decided he might as well have breakfast too, and off he went to munch some cabbages he had noticed in a nearby field. But the heavy meal and the hot sun made his eyelids droop. With a careless glance at the tortoise, now halfway along the course, he decided to have another snooze before flashing past the winning post. And smiling at the thought of the look on the tortoise’s face when it saw the hare speed by, he fell fast asleep and was soon snoring happily. The sun started to sink, below the horizon, and the tortoise, who had been plodding towards the winning post since morning, was scarcely a yard from the finish. At that very point, the hare woke with a jolt. He could see the tortoise a speck in the distance and away he dashed. He leapt and bounded at a great rate, his tongue lolling, and gasping for breath. Just a little more and he’d be first at the finish. But the hare’s last leap was just too late, for the tortoise had beaten him to the winning post. Poor hare! Tired and in disgrace, he slumped down beside the tortoise who was silently smiling at him.

“Slowly does it every time!” he said.

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